Luciano Makes Appearance On Soul Survival Latest Project ‘Silent Murdah Riddim’

Toronto-based Soul Survival Records has tapped Reggae icon Luciano as well as genre heavyweights Yami Bolo, Jr. Cat, Blessed, Urban, Polly Famous and Yellowbird for performances on the Silent Murdah Riddim.

Co-produced by Pablo from Soul Survival Records and Mark Mosca at the Silhouettes Studio in Toronto, the Silent Murdah Riddim is named after Yellowbird’s song “Silent Murdah.”   Pablo explains “this is a digital riddim with a Roots Rock Reggae feel.  Blessed recorded the first song on the riddim, went to Jamaica and voiced two Jr. Cat’s and Yellowbird.  Those songs were recorded at Sugar Minott’s Youthman Promotion studio, and that day, there was a blind man singing named Yellowbird and I knew we had to give the artist a chance and put him on the riddim.  His song named the riddim.”

The riddim hears the expressive voice of Luciano’s song “Killy Killy” whose lyrics queries societies handling of violence with the suggestion that violence ends violence.  He sings “somebody have to kill ‘killy killy’ to stop this crime and violence….”  Adding to Luciano’s performance and narrative is Yami Bolo with “Blood Or Not” who reasons that crime is a death trap.

Debuted on the Juggle Ugly platform on Instagram, hundreds of fans tuned in to hear host Polly Famous play tracks from the riddim including his own song “We Need Peace.”  The Toronto-focused song calls out pockets of communities in Toronto with elevated crime rates.  The Selector turned artist DJs key lyrics “too much youth ah dead bout ya.”

Luciano Messenjah (<a href=@jahmessenjah) / Twitter" data-noaft="1" />Mixed and mastered by internationally recognized engineer Tandra Lytes of Zen Studios, a neat balance is found between the digital element and the pulse of the bassline with a focus on the clarity of the lyrics by each performer.  Tandra says “this riddim is unique because nowadays we don’t hear digital productions with such as Roots Reggae vibe.  Fans will really appreciate this.”

Jr. Cat’s two-fold performance is a reflection of his appreciation for the riddims sound.  “Go Astray” speaks to the blessings that flow when one seeks righteous while “Roll Deep” explains the extent of his protection when on the road.

The Silent Murdah Riddim will be released Friday November 19th, 2021

Luciano &#39;flips out&#39; at the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise - Dancehall UsaAbout Soul Survival Records:

Soul Survival Records is a brand of Soul Survival Sound.  Based in Toronto, Soul Survival is one of Canada’s premiere groups known for producing annual events that promote Sound and Sound Clash culture.  In addition to music, Soul Survival created and launched a successful urban wear brand called Survival Gear.

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