Lila Ike Receiving Strong Support From The Industry And In Particular Tanya Stephens, After She Came Out As A Lesbian, And Someone Was Blackmailing Her 

Tanya Stephens Says She Will Not Be Forced To Reveal Rapist's Identity –  DancehallMagReggae artiste Tanya Stephens is sending support to Lila Ike after the Indiggnation Collective artiste revealed that she was a lesbian, and someone was allegedly blackmailing her because of it.

Sharing a graphic on her Instagram account that read; ‘I stand with Lila Ike unconditionally”, Stephens encouraged her followers to do the same.

“So should every woman who knows what it is like to make your way through a patriarchal apocalypse. That is EVERY woman,” she captioned the post. “So should every mother. So should every father. So should every well thinking human. You don’t have to lie with her to stand with her.”

Stephens also voiced her frustration with people who make such a big deal about someone’s sexual orientation.

TANYA STEPHENS - Dancehall/Reggae/R&B/Folk from Kingston Jamaica“People…grow tf up! Stop being so invested in others’ private lives that YOU weaponize their definitions against them,” she said.

One commentator suggested that the It’s A Pity artiste was supporting Lila Ike because she too was a lesbian, and felt the full force of Stephen’s annoyance.

“Yuh nexxt just come out now so we know wa uno a deal wid, but go public we have uno file,” the person commented.

“Over 20 years and counting,” Stephens responded.

“When these idlers first started f**king around me I was skinny bad and there was no Instagram. 20 odd years and 40lbs later they’re still at it and I still don’t give a f**k. The way people f**k is not the business of people they don’t f**k with. I have no interest, need, or desire to appease anyone in self imposed misery. Please don’t mistake my narcissistic disdainful silence as fear or apprehension. It makes you annoying,” she added.

lila ika – Radio DubplateDespite speculation, Stephens has never confirmed whether or not she’s a lesbian. In February she told followers during an Instagram Live that she’s not governed by labels.

“I don’t think it’s important what you are because when I settle down I’m not trying to settle down with somebody by a label,” she said. “I’m a sapiosexual; I’m very into people’s minds, I’m very into the way people think… When I settle down I don’t give a f**k about what you guys have as your rules and laws and the little boxes you put yourself in… If I spend the later part of my life chilling with a person, it doesn’t matter who that person is as long as we’re compatible.”

Source: Tanya Stephens sends supports to Lila Ike after artiste comes out as lesbian | Buzz

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