Alkaline Not Getting Grammy Nominated Leaves His Fans In Shock

Alkaline (musician) - WikipediaThe Grammy nominations are out and so are the conversations about them not having integrity, even though they made adjustments to the rules governing the process of who becomes a nominee. Etana, Sean Paul, Gramps Morgan, Jesse Royal, Spice and SoJa are the names that were chosen by the organization as the artistes to go up for the coveted award however, many persons are at unrest as to why the “Vendetta Boss” Alkaline was not nominated.

The deejay’s “Top Prize” album was released earlier this year on May 14, consisting of 14 songs which in their first week accumulated an amount of 1527 in pure album sales which outperformed all the other body of works released by artistes in 2021.

Alkaline Goes Reggae In First 2019 Song "Never Lose Hope" - The TropixsThe Sophomore album even debuted on the Reggae Billboard chart at number 2 and recently was heavily promoted to the Grammy Awards Instagram page by fans of the entertainer who wanted to see “Alka’s” name on the nomination list.

One youtube page by the name of “Ryzze Tv” released a video about Alkaline not being Grammy-nominated for “Top Prize” which saw many fans of the artiste voicing their opinion in the comment section, letting their support for the deejay be known.

As expected some fans spoke about the popular argument of the Grammy not basing their awards on album sales, as well as others expressed bluntly that the “Magic” singer is getting a fight.

Alkaline Creates Dancehall History Once Again - The TropixsOverall based on what the fans of the “Detta” deejay have been saying it seems as if he has a lot of supporters raging for him in disappointment however, will this pouring out of distaste in the Grammy Award preferences be heard? We will just have to wait and find out.

Source: Fans Shocked At Alkaline Not Getting Grammy Nominated For “Top Prize” Album – YARDHYPE

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