Koffee Missed Miami Show Due To Alleged Covid-19 Positive Result

Koffee is back! Reggae star releases new single, 'West Indies' - Our Today2020 Grammy winning artist Koffee, is allegedly COVID positive.  The Jamaican singing sensation was scheduled as a headliner on last weekend’s 15th staging of Best of the Best show in Miami Florida but did not take the stage.  A very reliable source who spoke to Caribbean National Weekly under condition of anonymity, said that the artist “got covid” and was unable to perform.

As the crowd dispersed from Bayfront Park late Sunday night, some fans were understandably upset.  Craig Sinclair who is a devote fan of the singer, said he traveled from West Palm Beach, a ninety-minutes’ drive, just to see Koffee.  “I am upset that I did not see the one person I came here for, and we weren’t even given a reason,” he said.

Kristine, Micah, and Shevlaine were also here to see their idol.   Dressed in their Koffee shirts and ‘Gratititude is a Must’ hats, they were unable to hide their disappointment. “We have been planning this event for months now.  We have all her music and this was the first time we were going to see her live.  We are very sad right now and is devastated,” they told Caribbean National Weekly.

During the show, it was obvious that there was a large section of the crowd that came to see the Grammy winner, as they echoed her name when the MC asked who they were here to see.

Koffee Wants To Party In New Song And Video 'West Indies' - Caribbean NewsThe information is being kept under tight rap however and no official word has so far come from the promoter of Best of the Best or the singer’s management.  It is understood that Koffee’s team was scheduled to hold a press conference on Monday to update fans and patrons of the show, but up to press time there was no word from any of the camps.  Attempts to get a comment from her record label, Sony Music Entertainment also proved futile.

Music - Koffee, West Indies.It was obvious that Koffee was expected to perform, as her name was posted on one of the trailers parked to the side of the stage.   It could also be assumed that the covid positive result occurred within hours of her performance, since it is unlikely that the promoters would put her name on the trailer, if they had the information over a long period of time.  In fact, the source who spoke to Caribbean National Weekly, said that she arrived at the location.

koffee best of the best trailerThe singer-songwriter just released her latest single, West Indies, which is part of her upcoming album due out in 2022.  Last year she won the NAACP award with her hit song Lock Down, which referenced one of the consequences of the pandemic.  She was also featured on Billboard’s 21 under 21 list and was one of the few artists to make former President Obama’s music list, for a fourth time.

Source: Koffee Missed Miami show due to Alleged COVID Positive – Caribbean News

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