Spice Making Good On Her Sue Fi Sue Statement, Now It’s In Her Lawyers’ Hands

Queen Of Dancehall Spice Pulls Another Publicity Stunt, It Quickly  Backfired - Urban IslandzQueen of the Dancehall, Spice, is making good on her “sue-fi-sue” statement with regard to the controversy-plagued staging of Jamaican party series, Chug It, at the Miami Marine Park in Florida last Sunday.

“Everything is in the hands of the lawyers. Our legal team is dealing with it and so I can’t say much more at this time,” Spice’s booking agent, Ray Alexander, told THE STAR.

Spice, who was advertised for the Labour Day Weekend event, did not perform, and at the heart of the dispute is the time she was supposed to hit the stage. Both parties have since taken to social media to air their grievances. The organizers say Spice was contracted to be at the venue for 8:15 p.m., but she arrived after 9 p.m. Spice says she was told 9 p.m. and has proof, including text messages.

“The authorities later arrived at the venue, and when representatives explained to them that they were waiting on Spice to perform, they looked around, saw that she was not there, and then proceeded to order the music off,” Chug It said in a release.

Spice is hell-bent on suing the promoters for defamation of character. She noted that in her effort to ensure that she would be in Florida, she purchased her own ticket and was later reimbursed. Chug It, she said in her Instagram Live on Monday, had breached the contract with her “100 times”. She outlined that there were no tickets for members of her group who were travelling from Jamaica.

Credit card was flagged

Chug it says that the situation was the airline’s fault as their company’s credit card was flagged “because of the high number of transactions that were taking place within a short period of time as a result of trying to process all the last-minute information submitted by Spice’s Team”.

However, Spice’s team said that couldn’t be so, as up until that time, those were the only two tickets that the promoters had purchased for the group and “even though we had approved the hotel two weeks prior, no rooms were booked”.

Spice Becomes First Female Jamaican Artiste To Score 1 Million YouTube  SubscribersSpice listed a litany of woes which included not being picked up at the airport by the promoters, getting a regular hotel room instead of a suite, as stipulated in her contract, and no ticket for another member of her party who was also travelling from New York.

She showed an email signed by Chug It Team, which started with a “huge and sincere apology for the inconveniences that have occurred thus far”.

“We appreciate and are grateful that you have reached out despite these major setbacks,” the email added. That was in response to an email from Spice lamenting the lack of professionalism on the part of the promoters.

Source: Spice and Chug It dispute now in lawyers’ hands | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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