Selah Marley Daughter Of Lauryn Hill & Granddaughter Of Bob Marley Releases Her  Debut EP, ‘Star Power’

Lauryn Hill's Daughter, Selah Marley Aims To Mend Her 'Strained'  Relationship With Her Father After Receiving A Public Apology | BETSelah Marley, daughter of singer-rapper Lauryn Hill and granddaughter of reggae legend, Bob Marley, is following in the footsteps of her lineage. The 22-year-old recently released her debut EP, Star Power, and the alternative four-track project embodies an Afro-futuristic feel.

It details how she reclaimed her own identity and follows the themes of escapism, rebellion, awareness, and self-preservation, as Selah herself put it. VOGUE describes the project as “A deeply personal undertaking in which she raps about growing up in the shadow of fame, asserting ownership over her body in a society that prioritizes the male gaze, and the power of reclaiming your identity, it reflects Marley’s experiences and the unique position of being famous since birth.”

For her lead single, “24HRS,” the visual is a vlog-style literal day-in-the-life video, which pays homage to the vintage video game, Super Mario Bros. Selah also samples YouTuber Kain Carter aka hotdamnirock’s classic video, “Brotherly Love.” The viral sensation amassed almost 6 million views over the past decade and details the “unknown” albeit fictional story behind video game plots.

Selah Marley Is the Next Marley to Watch | Vanity Fair“Slick” features her brother YG Marley, but the visual was a family affair. Featuring words and appearances from her father, Rohan Marley, and family members (Eden, Hymn, and John), the detailed confessional was lovingly called “Making It With the Marleys.” Yet, similar to “24HRS,” it also was essentially a highlight reel from prominent moments in her life.

Regarding the release of the EP, Selah explained, “this entire process has been a co-creation between the universe and myself; my community and myself; God and myself. I think there have been tiny callings shining a soft light on this particular path—if that makes sense. I realized there was no better time than now.”

Star Power is now streaming everywhere.

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