Paradax Looking Towards The Future

Romain Junior Mendez is professionally known in the Reggae and Dancehall space as

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica (St. Andrew), Paradax is viewed as a genre champion
because of his commitment to focus on positive lyrics and minimize references to violence, he is
known for conscious songs and positive music which accounts for the majority of what he
records. The Jamaican singer and songwriter is also focused on international music
development as well.

In the early years Paradax worked with several local labels and producers to record and release
his music. In 2012, Paradax released “Party Overload” and went on a college performance tour
with dancehall artist Jahmiel.

In 2013, Paradax released his next project “Body Deh” on a riddim that included several top
charting dancehall artists such as “Spice, Alkaline and Stylo-G.” Body Deh received a lot of
attention and radio play, which set Paradax in the industry as an artist that looked to have a
bright future.

In July 2018, Paradax met Peter Schoor (founder of Canadian based labels, BMU Records Inc.
and BMU Treasures Incorporated). Paradax took that opportunity and a month later signed an
artist development deal with BMU Records Inc. in Canada. Since then he has focused on
developing his projects and perfecting his art until the recent release of his debut major single

In July 2021, Paradax signed a record deal with BMU Treasures Incorporated based in Canada
to further the release of future singles as he has currently advanced into the international
market. He is currently focused on working several new projects with internationally renowned
artists and producers from Jamaica, Canada, USA, and UK.

Paradax has experienced recent success with his song “Celebrate” which has earned more than
1 million views in the 4 months of release. His single “Lyrical War” took aim at Dancehall star
Skillibeng in response to “Internet War” which was interpreted as a ‘diss-track’ towards the

Paradax is currently in the studio preparing to release new music including a collaboration with
Sizzla Kolanji.

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