Spice’s “Racial Profiling” Video, Is It Real Or Staged

Spice & 14 Y.O. Son Accosted By Police In The U.S. - YouTubeWith Spice’s debut studio album, 10, at the cusp of its release this Friday, the Queen of Dancehall and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star has caused quite a stir on social media with what looks like a music video clip for a song off the upcoming LP.

Spice’s 15-track debut album will feature the single Po-Po, which she recorded with her 14-year-old son Nicholas (Nicho). In her breakdown of every song on the album, Spice shared with DancehallMag that the song was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Of course, you know I’ve done Black Hypocrisy before, but now this song is talking about Black Lives Matter and I’m featuring my 14-year-old son for the first time,” she explained.  “He’s a black youth living in America. So, I had to teach him a lot about when the police stop you. I had to give him the history and I had to teach him about the whole Black Lives Matter movement.”

“He wanted to do a song and that’s how we got the idea. He’s 14 years old and he’s on my record about justice. I’m so proud of him.”

Spice And Her Son Victims Of Racial Profiling? – Video | yardhype.comSpice has also said that Nicho, who lives with her and his sister in Atlanta, is very passionate about the topic. “As a Black youth living in America, my son was seeing everything that happened with George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and all these names that I can list out for the longest of time.”

“As a Black mother here in America with a Black son, you never know when you’re gonna be driving on the street and a police pulls you over and it happens to be the wrong cop. Because we gotta be clear and honest that not all the cops out there are racist. So, when I say, “You never know…” you really never know,” she further added.

These words could form the narrative of the video clip she uploaded on Instagram today. It shows Spice being pulled over by the cops for what she alluded was speeding but as she argued to one of the policemen, “ I wasn’t even driving fast. Mi nuh understand wah you a talk ’bout,” she was interrupted by the sight of another officer putting a hand on her son Nicho.

Spice erupted, “Hello, weh she a do? Lady lady hello … he’s 14! Hold on hold on, weh you a do?”

The Black Hypocrisy singer captioned the IG share, “Racial profiling is real 🤬

This left many fans to speculate that Spice and her minor son may have had a real altercation with the cops while abroad. Without any further update from the Queen of Dancehall, a swarm of her fans and industry colleagues headed straight to her Instagram comments to query what happened and express their rage.

Dancehall star, Popcaan, who is currently in the U.K. said, “Hey a wey unu a touch me bloodclath pickney fa ” then personally tagged Nicho (@official.nicho) and asked, “a wey them do?”

Also, Ding Dong came on seething in anger, “Weh UNUH a duh!!!!!!!!!! ” as well as I-Octane, who said,Yooo a weh di f-ck dis sis @spiceofficial mek yuh ok sis.”

Even American rapper Cardi B was quite upset about seeing the video, she wrote, “Are you fuvkin serious.”

Spice (<a href=@spiceofficial) | Twitter" data-noaft="1" />However, local comedian Quite Perry seemingly caught on to the spoof, he said, “Watch album launch right yasso.”

Others weren’t convinced either, “Definitely music video. I know Gracie wouldn’t be so calm in a situation like this ,” said one fan, and “This a video for sure cause that police woman no look legit.”

Another added, “Lol music video this for sure.”

In 2018 when Spice released her single Black Hypocrisy, she pulled a similar stunt. At the time she removed all her Instagram posts to only reveal a series of enhanced photos with a lighter skin tone. Fans couldn’t help but believe she had ‘bleached’ her complexion.

She later issued a statement to clear up the controversy. “I want to openly say it was not a “publicity stunt,” she wrote. “I wanted to create awareness to “colorism” and it was more so done intentionally to create shock value so that I could have the worlds undivided attention to deliver the message in my music.

Source: Spice’s “Racial Profiling” Instagram Video Causing A Stir – DancehallMag

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