Spice Spent Some Time Playing All Her Music For Her Fans; Feels That The Queen Of Dancehall Title Is Well Deserved

Reggae Sumfest 2017: Meet Spice, the Fashion-Forward Queen of Dancehall |  VogueSpice goes live to demand her flowers now while she is still alive.

On Wednesday (August 25), Spice went Live to commemorate her growth in the music industry over the years as she travelled back in time with her old hits. The IG Live officially started with the Queen of Dancehall greeting her supporters and followers as she progressed into promoting her new album, 10.

“Don’t forget to support the album, guys, 10 is out. The album is out!” she relayed to her fans before deejaying to songs on the album such as “Po-Po,” “Don’t Care,” “S.P.I.C.E,” “Send It Up,” “Frenz,” “Go Down Deh,” and “So Mi Like It.”

Filled with enthusiasm, Spice continued to remind fans that the video for “Send It Up” is still trending even after weeks of being released! Her album, 10 has continued to dominate iTunes and Billboard charts.

After fans continued to request Spice’s older songs, she delivered, starting what seemed to be a live concert with “Under Fire” and “Rate me more.”

Best Pics Of Dancehall Queen, Spice | Dancehall365.comAfter both songs, Spice paused the deejaying session to put out a disclaimer for new/international fans. “To all the people out there, cause I know I’m an international artist and people may be on my live who’s from America, you may not understand what’s going on, let me just give you two minutes what’s happening right now, my fans are just throwing out songs, so you may not know the song and I’m spitting the song, my madness is coming from me being here and I just think I’m a f**king good artist,” Spice concluded laughing.

Spice then continued her deejaying with “Gum,” “2020”, “Dun Wife,” “Tables Turn,” and “Indicator.”

After failing to recall most of the lyrics from “2020”, the artiste got up to drink some water, resuming the life to ask, “If anybody can find my total amount of songs that I have, whether they were a hit or not, as long as I released them.”

An Instagram account (@chartsofspice) had commented that the total was 127 songs!

To recover her memory for the lyrics to “Guilty As Charged”, Spice got up to play the song from the T.V attached to her refrigerator.

“Aye no man, stage show affi go keep!” Spice commented. “Road now, party ago keep now!” Spice celebrated setting her phone down as she began dancing and deejaying to the lyrics.

“Me and my fans dem a different sumn, dem ya song ya wa unu a throw out ano normal song ano… and unu still know dem, unu still memba dem and unu waa seperate me and my best friend, unu waa fight out me and my bestie dem, we a come from so far-we a come from hungry, we a come from pampas day, one foot a shoes pon foot, yuh musa crazy, watch song ova ya so..” Spice declared before playing “A Nuh Me (Ano Me) & Ano My Fault.”

Spice paused the song after a few moments to level with her fans. “Wul on, a synthetic hair that mi av in pon di video, mi want unu watch the video real good, yuh see da video shoot yah , mi couldn’t afford human hair, this is a synthetic hair video, mek mi mek sure flip back the camera again when mi a talk, caa unu feel like a joke, yuh see how far mi a come from, see how gyal mawga and hungry right yah so, see how gyal a try..watch synthetic hair!” she revealed before resuming the video.

“Den unu waa tell me now say me come from dem hungry days yah, fight through the struggle and mek it right yah so and a now unu waa fight me, unu late, unu really late, unu shoulda fight mi dem time deh, stop mi from dem time deh, but right now, unu late unu very late, watch mawga Gracey, watch synthetic hair Gracey, Watch Gracey how she hungry, look good pon Gracey hand how yuh can see Gracey bone..yuh mussi crazy, unu couldn’t stop me right now..yeah!”

Spice was determined to play her track “Like A Man” as she claimed persons aren’t understanding, “Dem creativity yah.”


“Like A Man” really displays Spice’s versatility as an artist, where she took on the form of being a man to see if she would gain more fans and followers. The result is a creative video that sees Spice dressed as both a man and a woman spitting some fire lyrics.

She then demanded her flowers as by this point, and the artiste had fully showcased that she is well-deserving of the Queen of Dancehall title bestowed upon her by her fans.

“Aye, unu nuh wait till mi dead unu give me mi flowers from now, nuh bada wait until me dead unu come bawl and say woii, Spice did bad, di gyal versatile, di gyal good long time, unu see mi and give me mi flowers from now! nuh bada wait til me gone…gyal bad eeh! Jessam mi a feel mi self inna mi house…” Spice happily stated.

Dancehall Queen Spice Building 'Team Spice' Empire With Atlanta Job Fair –  DancehallMagSpice continued to insist that fans should give her props throughout her IG Live as she has continued to kill it with her music.

“Aye, yuh know seh unu nuh rate mi when mi think bout dis doh, yuh know seh when unu siddung an listen to mi song dem wa mi write, unu really don rate mi. A wa day ya mi a sing “something like it” an mi say aye likkle gurl! Gracey, yuh can deejay enuh likkle gurl! No man..”

She added, “Unu naa talk, whisper unu a whisper.”

She concluded the Live by reminding her fans of the love she has for them, and by the response and overwhelming support she has been receiving my way of comments and IG story posts, the love is most certainly reciprocated.

Source: Spice Wants Her Flowers While She Is Still Alive “No Wait Until Me Dead” – Urban Islandz

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