Would Teejay Collaborating With A Song With Jada Kingdom ‘Too Experience’ Caused Shenseea To Leave Romeich Entertainment

Shenseea Will Never Respond To Jada Kingdom Or Clash, Says Romeich – Radio  DubplateTeejay drops a new song with Jada Kingdom and hints it might be the root cause of his feud with Shenseea.

The beef between Shenseea and Teejay might not be “just for clout” as some social media users had originally thought. Following a short social media banter between Romeich Major, Teejay, and Shenseea, it seems like there is actually some real trouble in the camp.

Teejay, who left Romeich Entertainment in June, posted a preview of his new song with Jada Kingdom titled “Love Experience” on Thursday (July 15). Jada Kingdom and Shenseea buried their feud when Shenseea lost her mother in 2020, but apparently, all was not forgiven on Shenseea’s side. The ‘Uptop Boss’ is claiming that this new song is the reason for the rift between him and Shenseea.

“All a this ova one song Jah Jah,” Teejay wrote in the caption of the song preview. “we nuh pick side inna music bad song out tomorrow drop some [fire emojis],” he added.

The new song, released today (Friday, July 16) goes up against Shenseea’s first song in 7 months, “Run Run,” which was also released today. Teejay and Shenseea seem to be holding off on their rift for now, as they both focus on promoting their respective songs.

In addition to Teejay’s claim that the song is the reason for the feud, the Uptop Boss had also insinuated that there was some amount of scandal and slandering happening in the Romeich Entertainment camp before he left. Teejay posted a snippet of Jacob Miller’s “Tenement Yard” to his Instagram page, albeit a caption, but fans seemed to get the drift.

Teejay Hints His Song With Jada Kingdom 'Too Experience' Caused Shenseea  Feud - Urban Islandz“Dreadlocks can’t live in a tenement yard, Too much su-su su-su su-su, too much watchie watchie you,” the song goes.

Teejay was apparently responding to Shenseea’s day-old tweet. “Artiste vex over me because me deh a RomeichEnt when dem come ya come see me! Joke dis! How me fi invite you a MY house and you wa try kick ME out,” she wrote. Fans speculated that this was a jab at Teejay, but Shenseea did not call names.

Now, fans are awaiting a response from the “Trending Gyal” deejay, as she faces backlash from Teejay’s fans who claim that she did not want him to work with Jada.

“MEK SHENSEEA MOVE WID HAR BADMIND SELF & MEK D PPL DEM DUH MUSIC WID WHO DEM WANT!” One person blasted. Another said, “Mi love shenseea yf but she a gett too hype now she need somebody fi humble herself..” while one user urged, “Shen need to grow up n low out the high skl beef with Jada. Ppl growing n moving forward kmt.”

While social media users are running with Teejay’s version of events, Shen is yet to give her side, and apparently will not be clarifying things any time in the future.

“I can’t and will not try to clear up everything that people will say about me. Sometimes you really just have to use common sense. Nuff love,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

Romeich is yet to add anything new to the feud, as he too posted that he felt used after Shenseea announced her new management. Shenseea was the first female artist signed to Romeich Entertainment in 2016. Teejay later joined the camp in 2018.

While out of the hands of Romeich Entertainment, Teejay continues to make strides. The official lyric animation for his “Love Experience” with Jada Kingdom was released just three hours ago has racked up almost 30 thousand views in that time. Produced by Slingerz Records and Top Braff music, the song contains a range of racy lyrics, but the views remain as proof that fans don’t seem to mind.

“Da riddim yah is a riddim fi f*ck pan,” Jada introduces the song in a soft, seductive tone.

“Gyal yuh p*ssy too good fi f*ck one time,” The ‘Uptop Boss’ opens the chorus before Jada chimes in, “yuh make mi affi come back again, everyday you deh pan my mind, yuh make mi affi come back again.”

The two singers’ impressive use of such tantalizing vocals on one raunchy track is definitely a banger. Jada has been steadily releasing highly sexual collaborations such as “Ride” and “Feelings” with Dyani. Now both she and her fans can add this track to their lovemaking playlist.

However, the unexpected collaboration is drawing much more traction due to the drama surrounding it, and maybe that was the plan from the jump.

Source: Teejay Hints His Song With Jada Kingdom ‘Too Experience’ Caused Shenseea Feud – Urban Islandz

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