Spice Goes On African Safari Excursion

spice in zambia 3 - Zambian Music BlogSpice took a much-needed break for an African safari vacation ahead of her upcoming debut album “TEN,” set for release on her birthday, August 6th.

On Sunday (July 25), the Queen of Dancehall shared photos and videos of her trip to Zambia to celebrate her friend’s birthday, and of course, the Leo season. “Happy birthday @wondawoman0 It’s Leo season and we flew all the way to Africa to celebrate it…” Spice wrote in the caption of a post posing graciously with her friend.

Spice took to Instagram on Tuesday to update fans on all the adventures of her trip. She shared pictures and videos amid a group of giraffes and also shared some fun facts about the African creatures in the caption.

Spice hangs with the giraffes in Africa | Buzz“Out in the wild feeding the giraffes In Zambia. I’m 5ft and the giraffe neck alone is about 6ft. The giraffe is an African artiodactyl mammal, the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant. Did you know that the Giraffes Have the Same Number of Bones In Their Necks as Human?”

The pictures and videos show the “Go Down Deh” deejay posing in front of the huge animals and simply walking among them in her giraffe print suit and bucket hat.

“Mine the female giraffes attack u because u look better than them,” laughed Tony Matterhorn in the comments.

“You dressed for the occasion sis love the print.have fun too,” wrote Nigerian singer Yemi Alade, to which Spice replied, “Thanks my African Sister And yes I bought zebra print outfits to match them. Cheetah print and Giraffe print I’m overly excited to be here like a little kid #Motherland.”

The deejay later went on to share the bloopers from her informal video shoot by posting a video displaying her failed effort to get the giraffes to walk behind her.

She explained the video in the caption, “So I wanted to walk with the giraffes and they wasn’t moving so the African feeder told me to hold the bag of feeding they know it, so they will start following me or walking once I start walking but I wasn’t feeling that still look in the second slide.”

Spice Rebuilding 'Team Spice' In Atlanta, Hiring Dancers, Vloggers &  Assistants - Urban IslandzThe second slide shows the unpleasant face of the giraffe. “Mi nuh like how him a look pan mi,” she said in the video before running away.

Spice has been living her best life as her 39th birthday approaches. The August 6th celebration will also include some additional merriment as her debut album will be released on that same day. She previously requested that fans purchase the album as a birthday gift to her. The proud Leo had previously announced a July 30th release date for the album but later pushed it back by one week.

The highly anticipated album is now up for pre-order on iTunes or Apple Music and is already at number 1 on Amazon Music sales on the movers and shakers list and is number 5 on the Best Sellers worldwide list.

Source: Spice Goes On African Safari Excursion Ahead of Her Debut Album ‘TEN’ – Urban Islandz

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