D’Angel Fixed Her Rose Tattoo, And Her Followers Reacted

Otis Riddim Records - Reggae Music - D'Angel - BioD’Angel is shaming critics who found fault with her decision to beautify a tattoo.

The artist went Live on Instagram yesterday as she underwent a tattoo reconstruction with Jiggaman from VH1’s Black Ink Crew. D’Angel has three tattoos: her son’s name on her hand, a sun tattoo on her stomach and a rose tattoo on the side of her thigh. The latter was the tattoo in question.

“From mi eye deh a mi knee I did this tattoo…” she said. “I actually played netball for Jamaica at one point so I was diving fi a ball and drop and cut deh suh so I had to cover it up so that’s the cover-up and then it nuh stay good so I’m back here fixing it.”

But several folks seemed to miss her explanation and thought she was getting a new tattoo.

“Spoil up your nice clean skin kmt,” wrote one person.

“Mi love you bad but jah know, mi nu tink u need nu tattoo now, leave that for the younger people them…”

“Flowers is so 2000.”

“Naaaah it ain’t it.”

D'Angel Thank Dancehall Fans For Support Following Car Accident - The  TropixsAnother user added, “You didn’t need this at all.”

In a follow-up post, D’Angel showed before and after photos which saw many people backpedaling on their criticism.

“Oh I didn’t realise you had one before hun,” one user said. “I thought you spoiled your flawless skin but I love the after.”

D’Angel responded, “Now you know lol.”

Another person wrote, “Ok you get weh.”

Longtime followers of the artist called out fake supporters.

“Your true fans knew you had one before,” one user said. “Some people just come on your page to look for a reason to be negative. Dem a gwaan like anuh your body.”

Another wrote, “I love that tattoo you had from long time so how some people never see it and it wasn’t hiding every time you do a video modeling I see it first “

D’Angel responded, “People just love excitement. Dem never usually know nutn just quick fi chat and always wrong.”

With that out the way, the singjay said she has no intentions of adding more ink to her body because of the painful process. She does, however, intend to remove her stomach tattoo which she labelled her worst.

Source: D’Angel shuts down critics after fixing tattoo | Buzz

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