Spice Says She Has Nothing But Love & Best Wishes For Former Team Spice Dancers

Spice and Her Dancer Dancehall Queen Danger Split - Urban IslandzRegardless of what anyone thinks, Dancehall artiste Spice says she wishes the best for her former dancers.

During a Q&A on her Instagram Live on Monday night, Spice was asked about her thoughts on her former dancers, Pretty Pretty, TC and Dancing Rebel (PTR). The question came following the former Team Spice ensemble giving props to the deejay’s mentorship on the reality show Dancehall Life.

“Big dem up, all the best to dem as well,” Spice said. “Mek mi tell unno something. If di dancer dem did leave from roun’ me and never do good or better…dem woulda fool… Memba mi curve dem and teach dem like a my pickney dem. Memba mi cuss dem and class dem fi be a better version of themselves. A just the truth. Nuh lie nuh deh deh fi dem talk because memba if dem talk di lie God might dumb dem.”

Spice Says She Has Nothing But Love For Former 'Team Spice' Dancers –  DancehallMagIt was the first time Spice publicly spoke about the dancers since their brutal fallout in December. The PTR trio was labelled ingrates and hypocrites towards Spice after they were thrown into a social media saga between her and spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith – which resulted in the demise of Team Spice JA.

Since then, the dancers have spread their wings with Pretty Pretty launching her music career, TC venturing into acting and Dancing Rebel expanding her various businesses. Of course, they also star in the Downsound Entertainment YouTube reality series, Dancehall Life.

Spice took credit for developing the ladies’ knowledge of music:

“Dem know I had nothing but love fi dem, real love,” she said. “Majority of what dem might know musically, mi build and enforce seh dem know it… If dem did lef from roun’ me and never be a better version then all the years weh dem deh round me was wasted. Let’s talk about it.”

Spice Reveals 'Ungrateful' Team Spice Costs Her $500K Monthly - Urban  IslandzDespite how their relationship ended, Spice said she refuses to speak ill of their creative talents.

“It comeen like society want unno have this perception of me weh is not real… Unno waan me come out and seh ‘di dancer dem dis’ and ‘di dancer dem dat’ – it nah go happen. Memba a me first come out come seh ‘dem a di baddest’…so weh me a go come now come seh? Dem never good?”

“Dem know I had nothing but love fi dem, real love.”

— Spice

She continued, “If dem never talented dem couldn’t work with me cause me only work with the best and me nuh joke when it comes on to my show dem which a something weh unno know so from mi have dem under my wing dem did haffi be talented. Mi nah go ever come back come tek dat weh from dem… Me nuh care who, which part dem go, dem always haffi memba me. Dem always haffi talk bout me.”

Source: Spice sends best wishes to former dancers | Buzz

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