Spice Says Romeich Prevented A Spice & Shenseea Collab, And Spice Drops Details Of Shenseea’s Yet To Be Released Album

Is Romeich pushing beef between Spice and Shenseea? | BuzzAs promised, Queen of Dancehall Spice hopped on her Instagram Live last night with her ‘Besties’ fan base to finally answer some questions relating to the Romeich Entertainment camp and its star artist, Shenseea.

With over 10,000 fans tuned in to her shrimp and pasta dinner, Spice was immediately asked when will she and Shenseea do a collab. The question evidently struck a nerve with the Dumpling singer, who decided then and there that she was finally going to “put a stop to dah question yah,” and tell the fans exactly why she and the ShengYeng princess have not yet done a collaboration.

“First of all, ah di big belly man make mi nuh do nuh song wid har,” Spice blurted out in reference to who could only be Romeich Major, Shenseea’s manager and CEO of Romeich Entertainment.

Spice revealed that there was a time when she and Romeich were “friends” and business partners. However, according to her and for no plausible reason, the producer began talking bad about her behind her back.

Romeich SHADE Spice For Shenseea? Romeich DENlES | Pamputae Says Mi Nuh  BADMlND Spice | EMJ & Prince - YouTube“The man use to walk and bad mouth me all bout and talk all kinda things and seh. All kinda things weh come back to me, so a right deso it start from why the song neva end up doing, becaw the song did fi do,”  Spice confirmed.

Spice’s revelation comes after Shenseea vented to fans in December 2020, that she had been snubbed for collaborations by other female Dancehall stars.

“Me and di girl (Shenseea) a talk bout collaboration. Yes, we talk bout it and more than one time. The reason why mi never do the collab ah because a di man (Romeich),” Spice explained.  “Di man walk a leggo him mout and talk some tings bout me weh mi hear back … So di people dem carry back the news come gimme say di man say dis and di man say dat and the man a bring me down and who badda dan me.”

“So why you want do song wid me den?” the Rolling singer asked rhetorically.


“So mi just nuh go down in a dah energy deh cause me see seh you a build a little energy deh and remember mi nuh have luck with people. Nuh matter weh mi do fi dem. So mi just stay out a di energy … and ah dats why the song never get fi do,” she admitted.

Spice said that both she and Shenseea were actually excited to team up, and Shenseea, at the time, had come up with a really good idea for their collab. “We sit and we talk bout di song and all plan it. Di girl all come wid good idea … and mi did want do the song and everything,” she said.

Shenseea's Manager Romeich Grilled Over 'Shady' Comments Seemingly Aimed At  Spice – DancehallMagThe Frenz singer looked disappointed while sharing the revelation but was evidently turned off by Romeich’s alleged conduct.  “Me nuh do uno nothing. Me nuh do them nothing. Or maybe mi shoulda seh, mi never do that man nothing, cause mi never do you nothing. Me and you was good, me and you was friend,” she said.

Shenseea’s Got Drake, 21 Savage Collabs Coming?

Spice also spoke about Shenseea’s upcoming album, which she claims will include collaborations with rappers Drake and 21 Savage, and though that is a huge accomplishment, they will still have ‘a problem with her own success.’

“Uno do song with Jesus, uno do song with [21 savage], uno have song weh a come out with Drake. Uno have all kinda sumthing pon the album…but uno still have a problem with me,” she said.

This led her right into the issue of Romeich’s recent attempt to ‘set the record straight’ regarding her new song, Go Down Deh, when he mentioned Shenseea’s YouTube stats against Spice’s disputed history-making release when her song hit 10 million YouTube views in 4 weeks.

“You so successful and you still have a problem with my success…then something wrong with yuh.”

Spice Puts Romeich On Blast For Failed Collab With Shenseea – DancehallMag“Uno nah realize seh, success ah success and it’s spelt the same way. Your success ah my success, it nah matter. Success is success, accomplishment is accomplishment.  Your accomplishment might be a little different from mine but its still an accomplishment,” Spice added.

Spice had excitedly shared Go Down Deh’s success with her fans online, and now says she makes no apologies for that because she worked hard for it.

“Bare Go Down Deh, a dat me a pree … Mi nuh fi talk bout Go Down Deh? Mi nuh fi jump and skip and say Go Down Deh? Mi fi stay home and fraid fi post say Go Down Deh a trend fi 5 weeks? Mi see people wid lesser trend than me a gwan over fi dem success …Success is Success! Accomplishment is Accomplishment! Wha’mp di whole a we can happy and celebrate and live good and feel good?” Spice asked.

“So weh mi fi do, limit me post. Nuh say nuttn? Everybody a say don’t answer dem, so weh mi fi do? Mi fi stop promote mi song?” she continued sarcastically.

Former Team Spice Dancers Join Romeich Ent Amid Shenseea & Spice Beef -  Urban IslandzThe Dancehall singer said that when Shenseea first entered Dancehall five years ago they shared a good relationship until Romeich came between them and ‘spoiled’ things.

“The first time when the girl ah come out..cause remember me use to give her flowers and she used to give me my flowers…is you go in the middle and spoil it. So when you see this now, you can run and call the girl..and force her to talk.”

On a wider scope, she just wants more peace in the Dancehall fraternity and for artists (and others in the industry) to be happy for each other when they achieve success.

Source: Spice Puts Romeich On Blast For Failed Collab With Shenseea – DancehallMag

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