Many Other Dancehall Artist Joins Beenie Man Calling Out Government Over Illegal Party

The 'Verzuz' Session For Bounty Killer vs. Beenie Man Made History, Is a  Win for JamaicaThe Mocha Fest debacle is still a hot topic of discussion among Jamaicans on social media. Entertainers have pitched in to share their thoughts on the perceived double standard in Jamaica.

Buju Banton, who often shares his anti-mask and anti-vaccination views on Instagram, is again issuing a warning to the public.

“My fellow Jamaicans, those at home and abroad. We are now at the crossroads. The time for decision is now. We have witnessed the wholesale destruction of lives, businesses, family, and your very freedom,” he said following the Rick’s Cafe saga.

“You have been under house arrest for almost two years, when you were told two weeks… You were told to wear up to ten masks. Now you are being told. YOU know what? Let us remember who we are. Let us get back to loving each other. Let’s take the time to think for ourselves. Not leaving that critical aspect of who we are for someone else to dictate.”

Bounty Killer Names Buju Banton's "Til Shiloh" Among Best Reggae Albums Of  All Time - Urban IslandzBuju continued, “The crimes against humanity make the heavens cry, yet our people steep in ignorance, deny what is right before their eyes. You believe everything they tell you to your own detriment…You are not even aware.”

The dancehall legend continues, “Do the fruits you eat have the V? Do your cloths carry it? IVERMECTIN. Does it work? Emmm. If you do not have a plan for your life, they will have one for you. PEACE TO ALL!”

The “Not An Easy Road” deejay believes that COVID-19 is simply a control strategy and shares that even in this strategy, there is inequality or double standard, as displayed at Rick’s Cafe amid COVID restrictions.

Buju’s stance against the Government and COVID-19, as usual, did not sit well with some people.

Broadcast Journalist Ab Fitz-Henley urged Banton not to spread propaganda to a population that is already disgruntled following the incident in Negril.

“You should stop misleading the people and let them know that Covid-19 is a serious thing that can snuff out their lives quickly so best be disciplined and follow the protocols,” he wrote.

Buju Banton clapped back, telling the seasoned journalist that he was free to post whatever he liked on his page.

“No political lackey should come on my page of freedom to tell a living soul under God what to do go take your v an wait your turn an oh. It must be public,” Buju continued, “yes and they should stay home an die while u an the gang gawn party,right. stfu.”

Additionally, Buju Banton is not the only artiste speaking out on the issue. Bounty Killer and Beenie Man have also shared some striking thoughts on social media.

Buju Banton, Capleton, Bounty Killer & Barrington Levy Team Up For 'Where  You Come From' On DJ Khaled's New Album – DancehallMagCaptioned below Bounty Killer’s re-post of the Rick’s Cafe story by The STAR are clear examples of the double standard in Jamaica.

@andrewholnessjm Unuh charged the pastor lady and also @kingbeenieman who is a true ambassador for country and its culture we had problem with that but lets see what’s gonna happen to Rick’s Cafe now if is a triple standard thing a gwaan?” He questioned. The dancehall deejay continued by giving examples of Jamaicans who are facing severe consequences for breaking COVID measures, all while the 7-day event was allowed.

“Unuh even launched big investigation pon we Olympian Hero @usainbolt for a little small party gatherings comparing to this one week’s event that was held POOR PPL FED UP all little movie star Trevor also had to pay big fine unuh friends needs to pay to unuh too wicked to jah ppl bout ya,” he said.

In the comment section, Beenie Man said, “One thing Coronavirus show up in Jamaica is the double standard and lack of respect for us as Jamaicans is at it’s peak bredda. Dem see one video ads wid me and a problem. And look yah now 7 day festival dem promote on JAMAICA TOURIST BOARD. Affi laugh iyah. Dem a suffocate we industry while foreign promoters get freedom to do weh them want.”

Beenie Man, Bounty Killer Performing Live At GT Taylor ExtravaganzaThe Government and the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) publicly announced that they had launched an investigation into the event, following backlash from the public. Rick’s Cafe, where the event was held, has since been ordered closed for seven days. Still, Jamaicans are not satisfied as they question how the party was allowed to happen in the first place, given that the entertainment industry has been shut down in Jamaica for over a year. Since the lockdown, the entertainment industry has been suffering and has made several calls to the Government. But the leaders had declared that nothing could be done as COVID 19 is still rampant.

In addition, several promoters and party patrons have been arrested and charged following attempts to host and attend events.

Mocha Fest 2021 was attended by a host of tourists and locals.

Source: Bounty Killer & Buju Banton Joins Beenie Man Calling Out Government Over Illegal Party – Urban Islandz

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