Is Vybz Kartel Getting Baptized? We Shall See Whats Happens Next, Fans React

Vybz Kartel Details First Time Being Booed On Stage In 1991, Drops  "X-Rated" Album - Urban IslandzVybz Kartel might be planning to get baptized.

On April 1, a letter began circulating that influential dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel had chosen to be baptized. In the letter, it was implied that The Worl’Boss would begin to change his music catalog to more tame content. When the news broke, many fans were stunned at the seemingly sudden decision even though they were also happy that he had made a choice to change his life.

A few days after the letter was released, his defense attorney Miguel Lorne would adamantly deny the authenticity of the letter describing it as a hoax. “That letter is not authentic. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have not seen the letter but if it was true the defence team would have known about it,” Lorne said at the time.

While it seems that it may have all been part of some elaborate hoax, some pastors and musicians in the Christian music genre, who were interviewed by the STAR, have said if the news were true it would make a lasting and influential change in the thinking of many Jamaicans and other fans around the world.

Vybz Kartel Speaks From Behind Prison Walls, To Release New Track - Urban  IslandzOne such person, Stephen Blake, popularly known as the Pastor of the Dancehall, said that if Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, converted, his story would be similar to the biblical one of Saul becoming Paul. Blake, who is also a member of the Acts of the Holy Spirit Ministries International, also said that he believes that the decision would have made Kartel even more influential in the Dancehall world.

“It would be a great victory for the Kingdom of God, if it is true. This would affect the dancehall in a massive way, and an even bigger way than he has done before – like Saul to Paul in the Bible – maybe he could have the same impact,” he said.

He added: “One soul for God is worth more than any negative that he could have contributed to society cause good is more powerful than evil, so his good would outweigh any bad in the long run,” Blake said.

Blake also said that he continues to pray for Kartel and hopes that someday he will convert because he and many other Christians are willing to work with him.

vybz-kartel-stage-jun11 - PowerOfReggae.comGospel lyricist, Chozenn, said that he believes that many people around the world would have given Christianity a chance. He said for those already in the faith it would have helped them to affirm their commitment to “God’s Kingdom.”

“Vybz Kartel has a cult-like following, so even though we see dancehall evolving and fans exploring the music of other acts like a Skillibeng or a Popcaan, there are still many that would follow in his footsteps. Imagine the amount of people dat a guh come home to the Kingdom, if in fact Kartel baptises,” he added.

He said he also believes that God has been working on Kartel for some time now and has been probably “tugging on his heart.” He said if it were to happen, he would embrace Kartel and invite him to church.

Vybz Kartel's Last Concert 40Minutes [FREE WORL BOSS] - YouTubeAnother person of the cloth, Reverend Karen Bryan, also noted Kartel’s immense influence on fans and Jamaicans on the whole. The Pastor, who is a member of the Acts of the Holy Spirit Ministries in Montego Bay, St James, also said that he also has a huge following of young people and that they would more than likely consider Christianity as well if the “Fever” singer were to convert.

“He is an intelligent young man with a great mind despite what many may think, and with him coming into the Kingdom of God, it could only mean good for the nation and the young people and the world,” she added.

Kartel is currently serving a life sentence for murder and is expected to appeal his sentence in the coming months as he has been granted leave to go to the Privy Council.

Source: Is Vybz Kartel Getting Baptized? Minister Chozenn Speak On Possible Impact On Fans – Urban Islandz

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