Fantan Mojah Addresses His Explicit Dancehall Songs

Fantan Mojah charged with curfew breach, claims police were too harsh |  Loop JamaicaFantan Mojah says he is not paying attention to the noise despite getting death threats and backlash from fans over his recent explicit dancehall singles.

Fantan Mojah has no intention of changing his lyrics or current approach to music because of the concern expressed by a “few” critics. The artist made this declaration as he was being interviewed by Winford Williams on Onstage. The show was uploaded to YouTube last night, June 5. He is once again under fire by some in the Rastafarian community regarding his latest track, “Touch That Body.”

This latest track which features explicit scenes and lyrics has topped his previous offering, “Fire King,” which drew heavy criticism from Rastafarians like veteran dub poet Mutaburuka and Sizzla Kalonji. He’s even reportedly gotten some death threats because of the track. He recently shared a post on his Instagram account, which showed a screenshot of another post who wrote, “when we hold yu freaky Rass a dirt.” He responded to that post by saying, “Death threat, my fans check, all because I sing about girls, only god I fear.”

Fantan Mojah | PauzeradioHe told Winford that he was not afraid of following the threats.

“People weh say what them wah fe say. We no care about the threaten wah people threaten we. Dem no own my life, ah the almighty govern me. People wah fe chat,” he said. He added: “We no care and we no business. We ah do wah we ah do, we ah do what we love.”

Fantan Mojah

He also said that he wasn’t concerned about the critics or threats.

“The same people who say it bad today, say it good tomorrow and nothing wrong with wah me ah do because ah reality. Every man love a nice woman round them,” he said in defense of his new chosen line of music. He added that he firmly believes that his songs are simply depicting reality and that the problem may lie in what people describe as explicit. He said they were hypocrites because they refuse to accept the truth.

“You see the few people whey ah talk these tings, they know within ah themself…. The whole world born from a vagina, so which man doh like a vagina,” he added with a smile. The “Bless Me” artist said he was perplexed that people had a problem with his music and that he believed that dancehall fans had taken a liking to it. In fact, he claimed he’s been getting a lot of new fans and hasn’t lost any of the others.

When asked about how he expected the Rastafarian community to respect his new work since it goes against their teachings, he responded by saying that many in the community have sung “girl songs.” Some of them are loved around the world, he continued. “Me tired ah the music police in the music ah try tell yuh wha fe sing and wah not fe sing,” he added.

Fantan Mojah does it for Bob MarleyHe also said that his true fans understood that he was just singing about reality and that he had a love for all of them, even the ones he thinks are “hypocrites” for bashing him.

“The few people weh say Fanatn ah change up and rey, would never change from reggae music… dancehall and reggae music ah we culture. So what if Fanatn decide say he wah do some dancehall music now,” he said.

There is nothing wrong with loving and showing appreciation for women, he continued. He fiercely defended the video, saying that it doesn’t have any half-dressed women but women in regular swimwear. After pressing from Williams, he admitted that he had indeed lost fans but that he gained more than he lost. As he put it: “You can’t fight the power of a vagina.”

Mojah added that since doing these videos, he gained a lot more recognition as compared to the last ten years of him belting out conscious tunes. He also confirmed that he would be looking more into dancehall but that he would never stop dropping conscious tracks. He called on fans to open up their tastes in music and said he was happy to see what the youth in dancehall are doing and that fans should be happy for them and stay away from the negative criticism of dancehall.

Source: Fantan Mojah Addresses Death Threats And His Explicit Dancehall Songs – Urban Islandz

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