Usain Bolt Wants To Be The “DJ Khaled” In Dancehall & Reggae

Usain Bolt Music: Star Talks Work With Migos' Quavo, Grammy AmbitionsUsain Bolt the track legend that pivoted into music, is now producing and he has been developing a project during the pandemic. Ina recent interview with OnsatgeTV he detailed that he is still into selecting even though he is not going out much because of COVID. He previously released “Olympia Rose” Rhythm, at the time he also released a Champagne line with the same name.

Recently, he released his new Rhythm “Clock Work“ and there are a number of artistes on it. He outlines that he only did an introduction because he accepts that he can’t sing, so he is doing what DJ Khaled does, “I’m trying to be like a Dj Khaled in the music” he said. However, Cham, TeeJay and Bibi Gardener were some of the names called when Bolt was talking about the artistes on the project.

Usain Bolt at TapeBolt was then asked by Winford Williams what are his thoughts on what Popcaan had to say about his music production. last year in a comment, Popcaan suggest that Bolt should help persons with “real musical talent” in response to a post that Bolt made online promoting a song his friend did on his label.

Without saying much Usain outlines that he will continue to produce music and asked “what was the problem?”.

He remembered how he had love for the music when he was doing track and field and he is living his dreams now that he retired. The former athlete believes he can develop in many different ways and the music on this rhythm will be about motivating the youths so they will believe in themselves and do more with their lives.

He also expressed that he appreciates how the fans are giving it a lot of love.

Usain Bolt gets into swing of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival - AS.comWhen the Olympic star was asked, what was his thoughts about the young athlete who gave the gun salute after he won a race at the National Stadium. He said, “due to what is happening in Jamaica at this time with guns and violence, doing what he did was wrong, but he hopes he will learn from the mistake and move on”.

Usain Bolt wears 'feminist' T-shirt as he dances all over women at Trinidad  and Tobago carnivalUsain said he thinks the athlete is young and playful and he should not be punished too much for what he did, because he doesn’t want him to be discouraged since he has talent. Bolt has decided that he is not limiting himself, he believes he can do good music. The ’Clockwork’ rhythm has been out for some time and it is showing that he is here and he can continue doing good.

There are a few more videos to come for tracks on the new rhythm, it has an old school kind of vibes and it brings back a lot of memories for people. Check out the full interview below.

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