Tony Matterhorn Labels Dancehall Industry Influencers As Sell Outs

No more Sumfest clashes for me - Tony Matterhorn | Entertainment | Jamaica  StarDancehall selector-turned-artiste Tony Matterhorn has labelled some entertainment industry players as ‘sell outs’ as he lashed out against the restrictions still in place for public gatherings in Jamaica, which include entertainment events.

The Dutty Wine artist was livid as he sought to air his views on a matter that has largely divided public opinion in Jamaica – the country’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Instagram he wrote “You entertainers are just some waste of time and sell out real quick when y’all get a quick money, but wait and see how long before the money runs out and no parties not keeping,” as he vented about the situation.

He continued his tirade with “So y’all gonna sit back and watch them f–k up our music in Jamaica and not say nothing because yu fraid. Ok I hope ur still afraid when hungry comes knocking”.

tony matterhorn @ Sumfest 08 | Matterhorn, Tony, DjHe also went on to prophesy a worsening of the situation if the restrictions continue. “No revenues no income then you’ll see what comes next. Police stopping dances will face hunger too so don’t watch nuh face because it’s COMING”.

There has been growing outcry among some industry players as the entertainment industry remains curtailed in the island. There have been restrictions on gatherings, which is the backbone of the local entertainment sector.

Sumfest Heavyweight Sound Clash – Tony Matterhorn on Top ! – McKoysNewsMatterhorn is among a list of high profile names that have spoken out against the measures, which continue to limit the industry in ways that some find excessive.

Buju Banton has been another staunch critic of what has been taking place and he has described the ongoing situation as tyrannical. Other players such as Spragga Benz and Tanya Stephens have also dished out criticisms.

Source: Tony Matterhorn hits out against entertainment restrictions | Buzz

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