Scare Dem Crew Looking To Bring The Magic Back To Dancehall, They Looking To Make A Comeback

Poster - Scare Dem Crew (Goods)In a recent interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, veteran dancehall artiste Harry Toddler revealed that he and members of Scare Dem Crew will be seeking to make a musical comeback this year. They have already recorded two singles, Happy Holiday and Dounce Bad Bwoy.

“Scare Dem Crew is not ‘coming back’ on the music scene because we are always on the music scene. This is us reuniting and restarting the movement so this new generation can know who Scare Dem is,” said Harry Toddler. Acknowledging that the entertainment industry has undergone tremendous changes since they were last active, Boom Dandimite says he believes the group has a product that will stand the test of time.

“Scare Dem Crew is a product and when you are a product, there will always be a demand. Every kind of product sell when yuh go shop no matter how much things on the shelf, especially when people love it. It’s the same in music. People love what Scare Dem Crew is about and that is what will keep us in the game no matter what,” he said. “We have mastered our craft and we can fit any space and any time.

Welcome to Seaview GardensWe can go inna different flow and sing inna different style and sing pan the trap riddim like the youths dem, but still make it authentic Scare Dem flavour and sound. I know the people dem miss Scare Dem Crew because I have been sitting and watching and I don’t see any group bringing the flavour that Scare Dem used to bring. The hairstyle, the image, mi never see it again.”

Boom Dandimite also says that he believes the time has come for the group to once again stamp its class on the entertainment scene.

“Toddler, Nitty Kutchie and myself always a link and a vibe together and we just decide say a time now to bring back something to the music scene and make people enjoy dem selves again,” he said. “I don’t know about anybody else but doing this, making music, recording, doing videos again, it feel like we buss again. We deh pan the bench and a watch the yute dem a play ball and it just draw we out fi go pan the court, da energy deh fi go back go play innu.”

Elephant Man Issued Rare Praise For Masicka Beyond His Craft - Urban IslandzBoth Harry Toddler and Boom Dandimite say that since they have started recording again, they have received tremendous support from colleagues, including Bounty Killer and Stone Love’s Wee Pow.

“The love for Scare Dem is real and people love the movement,” said Harry Toddler. “The songs a rotate across the world and a get some great reviews. The support make we feel appreciated and it give us a push to keep going.”

Source: Scare Dem Crew making a comeback | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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