Mr Vegas Convinced That Alkaline Is One Of The Leading Dancehall Acts Out Right Now

Mr. Vegas Calls Alkaline One Of The Biggest Names In Dancehall - Urban  IslandzAlkaline’s Top Prize album is enjoying immense success since its release and his dancehall colleague, Mr Vegas is totally here for it.

The sophomore album from the Champion Boy artiste debuted at the number one spot on the iTunes reggae charts and peaked at number six on the worldwide charts. Top Prize is also currently number one on the Apple music charts in Jamaica and the world. And it currently holds the number one spot on Amazon Music’s best-selling album charts in three categories; International, Reggae, and Caribbean & Cuba for the past week with all 14 tracks from the album occupying Deezer Top 100 playlist in Jamaica.

And in an interview on The Fix podcast Mr Vegas shared that he was impressed with Alkaline.

Mr Vegas 'Big up' Alkaline for his Top Prize album | Buzz“I want to give him a real loud big up. You see when an artiste put out an album, we’re putting out a body of work or a piece where you fans dem come into mind first. And ya seh ‘ok, mi fans dem ago love da sound ya, da different change ya’,” he said.

Mr Vegas credited the different sound of the album to Alkaline’s maturity, and expressed his confusion as to the criticisms the album has been getting from others in the industry.

“Sometime you put out an album and you play with sounds, so the album might not sound like something weh wi did a expect, but maybe his fans dem welcome the change. Dem hear da artiste ya with something significantly different from weh dem accustom to,” he said.

Worthy of respect

He added; “I find it weird with people inna di business weh understand seh this a di man body a work so even if mi nuh get along or mi nuh rate him like him personality or mi think seh him is a man weh keep himself to himself and him nuh really vibe wid the other artiste dem, maybe a fi him personality dat.”

Dancehall artiste Alkaline - Pick Unuh Side LyricsFor Mr Vegas, the whole process of creating an album is something he views of worthy of respect.

“When a man go inna di studio a work pon an album, ya talk bout musicians, writing, ya talk bout engineer a mix, a lot of work go into that. So when mi see people inna di music business weh go outta dem way fi bring down di whatever him a get from him album, it kinda weird to me still,” he said.

Of course, Mr Vegas acknowledged that there was a time when he would have been one of those people in the industry, but says back then, he was judgemental.

“Mi use to bun him out when mi used to be Christian and him used to wear a shirt wid Lucifer. Dem time mi did misinformed about a lot of things so maybe mi did more judgemental dem time there.

Alkaline Take Shots At Beenie Man & Vybz Kartel Fighting Of 'King Of  Dancehall' - Urban IslandzHe added; “But outside a dem thing dere, even mi a did still Christian right now, mi would still respect him work.”

Source: Mr Vegas ‘Big up’ Alkaline for his Top Prize album | Buzz

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