Minister Marion Hall Hearing From The Fashion Bullies About Her Outfits

Marion Hall Halts Book About Her 'Dancehall To Christianity Journey' To  Avoid DramaThese days, it seems like minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw cannot wear an outfit without the fashion bullies coming at her, and she is sick of it.

The minister posted a photo of herself to her social media dressed in a skin tight pants, blue pumps, and a long sleeved silk grey blouse.

She captioned the photo with an inspirational message, encouraging people to be themselves.

I'm A Sexy Christian”: Minister Marion Hall Defends Sexy Cleavage Photo |  British Linkz“Shine even when no one see your light. Love even when no one is loving you. Live even when you feel like giving up.Why?? Cause many kept their true selves hidden in the dark, because they’re afraid of what people will say of them. That’s how depression creeps in,” she wrote.

We don’t see anything wrong with the minister’s outfit, do you?

However, while many were keen on the message, there were those who took issue with the tightness of the minister’s pants. And she saw those comments and decided to address them.

“Let me be clear, when I’m in church, I dress for church. When I’m going to dinner or out with my friends, I dress however I feel. Get off my page if you have a problem with it. I live for Jesus and he’s not complaining. Go do some work to win soul for him. I’m already doing my part,” she said.

“I did a sermon today tiled, I am sick of it, go watch it,” she added.

Source: Minister Marion Hall is sick of the criticisms about her clothes | Buzz

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