Dancing Rebel Says “Team Spice As We Knew It, Will Not Be Resurrected”

Dancing Rebel gets tattoos to honour her parents | BuzzSpice’s fans were very excited when they caught glimpses of her ex-dancers, Dancing Rebel, Pretty Pretty, and TC in her music video for the hit single Go Down Deh.

Was this an indication that Team Spice had mended fences and was back together after their very public fallout?

Sadly no. According to Dancing Rebel while there are no hard feelings between the dancers and Spice, Team Spice as we knew it, will not be resurrected.

Dancing Rebel revealed during an interview on The Fix that they haven’t spoken to Spice since.

“It’s all farewell. Everybody doing dem own ting. It’s well wishes,” she said.

And after being on Team Spice for so long, Dancing Rebel said she is not interested in signing exclusively to another artiste again.

Dancing Rebel (first right) and Pretty Pretty (second right) were guests on the latest episode on The Fix

“I would never work with another artiste,” she said in response to host, Naro query if she thought the public fallout ruined business for her. “Mi tell Graci (Spice) seh after dancing with her, and if mi leave mi nah go dance with no more artiste.”

She added; “Dancing with another artiste, performing onstage, falling underneath the artiste, no. Only way mi ago work with another artiste is if mi can construct a script fi yuh or choreograph something fi yuh video. Mi ago exclusive like mi a perform with you, but mi nuh sign to you. So mi freelance, mi nuh fixed to anyone.”

She admitted that dancing for Spice was great, and said although she didn’t like how things ended, she appreciated the lessons learned.

Dancing Rebel Mourn Father's Death, One Month After Losing Mother To Cancer  - The Tropixs“Mi wish it did work out better, but then I wish it didnt. It was an eyeopener, mi learn how fi cherish mi friend dem. I learn to not vent to each and everyone that claims they are my friend or that they are with me,” she said.

“I would never work with another artiste.”

__ Dancing Rebel

Dancing Rebel, TC reveal their new designer bodies | Buzz“It f**k up how it haffi reach out there like dat but mi happy seh it work out so because it do something to mi strength. And it mek mi remember God.”

From now on, her focus will be on creating a dancing legacy.

“Mi bawn fi dance, dat a my focus, until death do us part,” she said.

Meanwhile Pretty Pretty, who said she will now be channeling her energy into her music career, said the feud made the relationship with her friends stronger.

“It bring wi back together stronger,” she said. “Everybody had whatever they had, and we were never the ones to put it out there.”

She added; “And even though everybody did deh dem seperate ways, everybody still have da respect deh.”

Source: Dancing Rebel says she will never sign exclusively to another artiste again | Buzz

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