‘Shottas’ To Return As TV Series

Ky-Mani Marley & Spragga Benz Revives Role For "Top Shottas" TV Series -  Urban IslandzA television series, Top Shottas starring Ky-Mani Marley and Spragga Benz, is in the making.

According to Spragga Benz, it has no link to the 2002 movie Shottas except for using the same cast members.

In Shottas, Marley and Spragga Benz play gangsters involved in organised crime in Kingston and Miami.

“There is a script for Shottas 2 but for now, it is the television series which is on the front burner. People were requesting a follow-up for Shottas but the legal rights for the original movie are being contested in courts,” Spragga Benz, who plays Tutus, told the Jamaica Observer.

“This time I will be seen getting ready to re-enter society after being held captive for a while,” he said.

sharifa on Twitter: "Shottas (2002)… "Top Shottas’cast also comprises actors Paul Campbell and Munair Zacca.

Filming began late 2019 in Fort Lauderdale and is directed by Cess Silvera, who did Shottas.

“Eight episodes have been completed and the project is being funded privately by Fada Screw,” he said.

Source: ‘Shottas’ to return as TV series | Buzz

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