Shenseea Will Be The Godmother For Romeich’s Newborn

Shenseea Slips & Seemingly Confirms Relationship With Romeich | Magic 103.7Romeich Entertainment’s first lady Shenseea has revealed that she is the godmother for her boss’ newborn.

Shenseea shared the news, while walking with her manager Romeich Major during a recording of an Instagram Story yesterday.

“My godbaby on the way, there’s my godbaby,” she said.

“Godbaby born already,” Major intercepted.

She shot him a look of surprise for sharing that information on her snap, apparently not aware that he had previously disclosed on his social media that the child was already born.

“The exclusive on my snap, the exclusive,” she raved with excitement. “Feel like a Yendi alone can get exclusive? Weh yuh know bout this? That’s my goddaughter y’all.”

Romeich Moved Shenseea To Tears While Reflecting On Her Journey In  Dancehall - Urban IslandzMajor first announced that he’d be welcoming a daughter during a sit-down with Yendi Phillips. The news reignited rumours of him and Shenseea being in an intimate relationship, with many awaiting her baby bump, though she has repeatedly stated her single status.

Shenseea saw the speculations and had this to say:

“Guys I been letting y’all talk what y’all wanna talk but you know, yeah, that’s my goddaughter. She is here, she is beautiful. I can’t wait til y’all see her.”

Major said he knows everyone is awaiting baby photos, but as for who will get first dibs on giving baby Major her Insta-debut…

“Think I’m going to take the first picture and put it on the ‘Gram and say, ‘This is my baby y’all’, tek it weh from Romeich,” Shenseea said. “Him nah get fi post the first picture. Mi a thief it.”

She also shared that her resident DJ and longtime Romeich Entertainment signee DJ Blackboi is the godfather of the child.

Source: Shenseea reveals she’s the godmother for Romeich’s newborn | Buzz

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