Kabaka Pyramid Says Influential Artists Need To Speak Out Against Crimes

VP RECORDS RELEASES KABAKA PYRAMID'S RENDITION OF THE CLASSIC “NICE UP THE  DANCE!” | CLINTON LINDSAYReggae toaster Kabaka Pyramid says more influential Jamaican Artistes need to speak out against domestic crimes.

He was part of an online reasoning yesterday with peer Jah9, exploring ways to heal Jamaica from the heinous crimes committed against women.

“Right yah now I think ones like weself and especially the man dem, we know how di thing set,” he started. “We have to stand out. We have to talk. We have to discourage dem activity yah. If yuh name hot a road a you haffi a lead the charge to them thing yah.”

He said while he has released songs denouncing sexual predators, his message may be tossed aside compared to an artist with more relevance.

Kabaka Pyramid Is Using His Music To Take Him To Brand New Places | bashy  magazine“When man like me sing Trample Dem and dem thing deh and a talk bout the paedophiles dem and the rapists, because my name isn’t the hottest thing a road, maybe dem song deh nuh reach weh it need fi reach and maybe the DJ dem nah play dem song yah.”

While male artists like Jesse Royal and Popcaan are known for sharing their opinions through videos on Instagram, Pyramid said he prefers to speak out through his music.

“Is not everybody have the personality to go and record videos and post on IG every day. I don’t have that personality. Even though I have things weh I waan seh but that natural urge fi tek up the camera and record and talk mi mind? Mi nav that urge unlike some people who do it regularly without shirts and things like that but a just nuh my thing that.”

Kabaka Pyramid - Rototom SunsplashThough the conversation was generally aimed, Jah9 also acknowledged that some Artistes and players in the music industry are predatory, and asked Pyramid how he deals with characters who say “dumb sh*t” to women.

Kabaka Pyramid Advocates Against Child Brutality in His New Single "Trample  Dem" - The Tropixs“Firstly, we try fi surround weself wid people who a go uphold certain standards cause yuh known by yuh company,” he said. “Naturally di people who me close to certain way I wouldn’t expect dem kinda behaviour deh from dem but sometimes we inna situations where we deh ‘mongst people weh we nuh really close to certain way and dem act out. Definitely from it cross a certain line yuh haffi seh something. Either that or yuh tek weh yourself and know seh yuh nuh waan be a part of this because we have this thing inna Jamaica when it comes to man and woman, we always tek a stance like, ‘Yow, we don’t know wah happening inna fi dem private world’… There’s a two-sidedness to that weh obviously yuh nuh waan nuff up yourself inna people business but at the same time, if it look like a dog and it smell like a dog, yuh know what I mean? So yuh haffi know how yaa deal wid dem situation deh. For me still, everyone accountable to themselves and them a go get them judgement.”

Other Artistes contributing to the discussion were Naomi Cowan and Runkus.

Source: Kabaka Pyramid says more influential artists need to speak out against domestic crimes | Buzz

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