Downsound Entertainment Debuts Reality Show Featuring Spice’s Ex-Dancers

Downsound Entertainment premiered its newest product today, Dancehall Life.

The reality show debuted on YouTube with its first stars, dancers Pretty Pretty, TC and Dancing Rebel, otherwise known as PTR, who formerly performed with Spice.

The 23-minute show starts with the women getting picked up from their abode and taken to a secret location. They then introduce themselves and detail how they earned their monikers during individual exposés.

Rebel is first to arrive at the upscale mansion and gets first dibs on choosing her room. She selects the biggest suite which includes a luxurious jacuzzi. There is discontent when the other women arrive, but Rebel assures them that they are free to use her jacuzzi.

While the other women were more reserved on camera, Pretty Pretty didn’t hold back on voicing her discontent, nonetheless, with some humour.

Former Team Spice Dancers Join Romeich Ent Amid Shenseea & Spice Beef -  Urban Islandz“Everything good, and nuh food nuh inna di house,” she declared. “Fish inna di sink nuh scale yet. Something can go suh? A sea alone mi see dem something deh. Otherwise from that though, the house is amazing. Likkle garden outta door, likkle pool round-a back, sunset and view.”

After getting accustomed to the space, the women head to the living room to be briefed by the show’s executive producer Joe Bogdanovich.

He greeted the ladies ‘Charlie’s Angels’ style, through a video message.

“Welcome to Dancehall Life,” he started. “This is gonna be beautiful and let me tell you something, you ladies have so much influence and so much beauty and power and we’re just gonna have a ball for the next six months so get ready to rock your soul. Enjoy your stay and be you.”

He ended, “Dinner at nine, black-tie. Don’t be late.”

The ladies followed suit and were served by Chef Alex Da Great, but the food was not what the former Rosalee Avenue residents were used to. The five-course meal included cream of onion soup, crab salad, pimento pork belly and herb-crusted chicken breast. The ladies fairly rated the food, but TC and Pretty Pretty would have preferred Jamaican options.”Mi like my Jamaican things, yuh know KFC style, rice and peas throw dung right deh suh wid piece a chicken,” said Pretty Pretty.”Yuh see dem boujie food yah, dem just rest pon yuh navel and den di whole a yuh belly just empty.”

Their cries didn’t go unheard as they were surprised with good old ‘box food’ which ended the episode.

Team Spice Seemingly Broke UpThe show comes four months after the dancers were embroiled in controversy for speaking negatively about their former boss deejay Spice. The ladies were chalked up as hypocrites who would fall to the wayside without Spice, but they have maintained their relevance with gigs from Romeich Entertainment. The dancers are also known for their viral skits and also have a YouTube channel.

The women went live on Instagram after the premiere and Bogdanovich joined sharing his highlights.

“Just the overall attitude of the girls, they were always on, they were never dull,” he said. “The energy was magical. You guys worked well together, that’s what impressed me the most… That means they have a future in this business as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

Source: Downsound Entertainment debuts reality show featuring Spice’s ex-dancers | Buzz

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