Teejay Responds To Fans About His Weight Loss, And How It Happened

Teejay Responds To Weight Loss Critics Alleging Lipo, Beenie Man & Shenseea  Reacts - Urban IslandzTeejay is responding to fans that reacted to his massive weight loss and said his new healthy lifestyle is why he is able to shed the pounds and not lipo.

The artiste sent tongues wagging after sharing comparison photos in which he had gained a massive amount of weight. Many persons have been struggling as they ease up their active day-to-day life due to the cut down in activities thanks to covid-19 and the economy shutting down. Teejay and a number of other artistes, even the likes of Usain Bolt, are showing the bellies they have grown as their periods of inactivity due to the pandemic restrictions.

Teejay Returns to the Virtual Stage After Shutting Down His IG | ZIP103FMHowever, Teejay isn’t letting that weight stay on as he disclosed that he shed 50 pounds in just two months and three weeks. Fans of the artiste, however, begged him to share his secret as they too were dealing with the pandemic “15”.

One fan asked, “what you use,” as if expecting the artiste to disclose some complicated fancy treatment for only celebrities. Well, the comments on the artiste’s new body have not let up, and he is finally sharing his secret that is not a secret.

According to him, good old dieting and exercising are why he was able to lose weight as he appeared on a video on Instagram to share the “secret.”

So you want to know how I lose the weight- ah mi sweet senseimania mi nah lef ya and mi yam and bana mi nah leff yah,” he said, speaking to the power of marijuana in restricting appetite while also speeding up the metabolism.

Teejay added, “Unu must get up off unu bumboclaat bed and go run a mawning time bout unu want remedy.”

Shenseea clearly found his comment hilarious as she said, “Lmfaoooo,” while Beenie Man, who is popularly known for his own quarantine belly battle, said, “it’s the lifestyle my G.”

Teejay is among the growing list of male artistes who have taken their weight gain seriously and done something about it. Among those who have shared their weight loss journey are Beenie Man, Elephant Man, I-Octane, and now Teejay.

According to Teejay, “it’s just a healthy lifestyle my fans nothing to worry about am good.”

Culturally, weight gain is celebrated in the Caribbean as it signifies someone ‘living well’. However, in recent times, many are coming around the cultural fable to understand that health is more important than appearing “fat,” which is still a compliment in some Caribbean countries like Jamaica, and getting skinny means one is “struggling” or going through hardship.

Exercise has become popular in dancehall, and some artistes have even been featured in the country’s national exercise campaign ‘Jamaica Moves’ as they contribute to changing the attitude towards diet and exercise.

Source: Teejay Responds To Weight Loss Critics Alleging Lipo, Beenie Man & Shenseea Reacts – Urban Islandz

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