Some Details On Spice’s Upcoming Album, ’10’

Spice Officially Crowned The Queen of Dancehall - The TropixsDancehall artiste Spice has revealed more info on her much-anticipated debut album, 10.

The So Mi Like It entertainer shared the news in a recent Instagram Live with comedian White Yardie.

“Album is coming, 10 is coming – that’s the name of the album,” she said.

The album is full-circle moment for Spice who has been trying to release an album for several years. In 2018 she was ready to sue VP Records for not releasing an album throughout her 10-year stint at the company. The label, at the time, said they were working hard on completing her album and getting the necessary clearances. Her relationship with the seasoned label seems to have improved since the December drama as they released Frenz, which was previously shelved for two years.

She also shouted out VP Records during the interview, a pleasant change from the nasty descriptors she’s thrown their way since 2018.

Queen of Dancehall: Spice to get crown at Reggae Sumfest | BuzzInternational artiste Shaggy is behind the production of 10 through his Ranch record label. Spice has often said she wants to win a Grammy to concretise her place in music, and it’s no doubt that partnering with the two-time Grammy winner was strategic in gaining favour with the Recording Academy’s members.

Source: More on Spice’s upcoming album, ’10’ | Buzz

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