Sevana Says Her Love Life Is Off-Limits, When Answering Questions On Social Media  

If You Only Knew”, the first single from the new EP by Sevana | Reggae  ChaliceInDiggNation songbird Sevana is quite the straight shooter when it comes to answering questions – as long as it’s not about her love life. In a recent Q&A session with her Instagram fam, the singer said the subject area is off-limits after being asked if she’s currently dating.

“Don’t ask me questions about my love life,” she started. “I’m probably never going to share who I’m dating or if I’m dating or when I’m dating. If I get married, probably won’t let anybody know. If I am pregnant at any point and I’m going to have a child, she will never or he will never be on social media. Don’t ask me questions like this. If I’m single or not it’s not any of your business, honestly. And that’s not a diss, I’m just letting you know.”

The question seemed to trigger a possible explanation as to why she is disinterested in discussing a topic which takes centrestage in her music.

Sevana Siren's stream“I’m very proud of how far I’ve come … I don’t know what I thought the possibilities were but I didn’t know that this was possible.”

– Sevana

“First of all, man is crosses,” she continued. “Mi nah run down no man…that is not my focus in this life… I’m tryna do the most with myself and realise so many goals and dreams. Stop asking who I’m dating. Don’t ask mi if mi a breed. Don’t ask if mi single. Don’t.”

Viewers did, however, get an inkling of how she is when she is interested in someone. When asked about the inspiration behind her 2014 song, Bit Too Shy, she revealed it was based on her “pursuer” proclivity.

“I have a history of pursuing men, not for many years. I stopped doing it just because I need you to want me more than I’d ever want you. As a 20 year old, 19 year old, even 17 in high school, I’d tell boys that I like them and I wasn’t very shameful about it. Even now I have no issues with doing that so I was just talking about a man being shy and me just ‘lyricsing’ him and then Protoje was telling me that the beat was inspired by Gregory Isaacs’ A Bit Too Shy so I kinda wanted to just flip it around.”

The If You Only Knew songstress was also asked if she’d ever go on a first date with a man who pulled up in a garbage truck.

“I think you’re trying to figure out if I’m a gold-digger… But no, mi nah go inna garbage truck inna mi good, good clothes after mi spray up wid perfume fi get stink up inna garbage truck, no. We can take a taxi… Mi a go respect your work same way because you a do a honest job and me appreciate you but mi nah go inna garbage truck wid yuh.”

The men-related questions out the way, people were also curious about what her profession would be had she not pursued music.

Sevana drops the sultry summer jam, “Sometime Love” | The FADER“I would be a psychologist, probably,” she said. “I still am interested in it, still might go and get a degree in psychology because I’m always investigating people. I’m always reading books about psychology, I’m invested.”

The Savanna-La-Mar native shared that she never could have imagined her life as is it today. Sevana, who was first introduced to us over a decade ago in the Digicel Rising Stars competition as part of group SLR, said she felt limited before leaving her hometown.

“I never thought I would be any kind of a big name,” she said. “I love Sav but for me, because of the life I was living there, I was just like you know what? I’m just going to put myself right beside the opportunities so that’s why I ended up coming to Kingston because I was afraid of kinda being lost in that and just not being the best… I had big dreams when I was growing up and I knew I wanted to escape the reality that I was in… I’m very proud of how far I’ve come. I thought I was trapped. I don’t know what I thought the possibilities were but I didn’t know that this was possible.”

Source: “It’s not your business”: Sevana says her love life is off-limits | Buzz

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