Popcaan & Jah Cure Kick Off, Jah Cure Fly In The Female, Popcaan Goes To Get Her At Jah Cure’s House

Jah Cure and Popcaan Drops New Song "Life Is Real" - Urban IslandzPopcaan and Jah Cure beefing, and Foota Hype spilling the tea.

International reggae recording artiste Jah Cure seems to have somehow found himself in the middle of another controversy if the rumors circulating are true. On Monday, news broke that the “Longing For” singer may have been involved in an altercation with “Unruly Boss” Popcaan.

Popular selector and dancehall commentator Foota Hype, also known as the Viral King, became one of the first to publicly break the story on the alleged incident. During an Instagram LIVE session, he gave a detailed report as to what allegedly took place. According to his report, Jah Cure was meeting with someone at his house, however, during the meeting, there seemed to have been a breakdown in the negotiation or transaction, and the person demanded to leave. When Jah Cure refused to allow the individual to leave, the person reportedly reached out to Popcaan to come and get them.

The story continues that Popcaan tried to reach out to Jah Cure via telephone. However, all efforts went unanswered. Poppi was forced to pull a skilled maneuver to gain access to the secured and gated community where Cure’s townhouse is located. On his arrival, the Unruly Boss was said to have been verbally abused by Cure and questioned as to why he had turned up at his house. As the story goes, Poppi was accompanied by another person who, upon realizing the two were embroiled in a heated argument, pulled a firearm. At that point, Jah Cure had already allegedly gone for his machete and begun hurling threats. The “Only Man She Want” artiste reportedly left with the individual he had come to pick up at Cure’s house.

Foota Hype

After Foota Hype posted his video, another Vlogger, Amari, posted his version of the incident that took place with a twist. He stated Foota had gotten some of what happened correctly; however, the incident did not stem from a meeting but rather from both artists dating the same girl, who is alleged to be of African descent. In his version, it was Zamunda who Popcaan had initially sent for the girl when she called. The lanky rastaman was reportedly chased away and verbally abused by Jah Cure. This action resulted in Popcaan visiting Jah Cure himself with his entourage.

Jah Cure x Popcaan x Padrino - Life Is Real (Official Audio) - August 2018  - YouTubeIf the second version of this sordid tale is to be believed, it is not a surprise to many following a similar incident in November last year also involving Cure. In that instance, Cure was caught on camera berating two females at his house over their apparent refusal to provide him with sexual favors that he had paid for. In the almost 4 min long video, the “Unconditional Love” singer is heard arguing in a loud voice with the two women accusing them of allowing others to disrespect him. At one point in the video, he even threatened to kill the women after demanding that he be reimbursed for the money he gave them.

While we are still not sure if the latest reports revealed the accuracy of the events that unfolded, it was just recently Jah Cure was seen hanging out with Beenie Man, another artiste whom he was at odds with for several years. It would be a terrible act to blemish the air of peace the entertainer was seemingly creating through that indication. What are your thoughts on this recent situation?

Source: Popcaan & Jah Cure Beefing Over Same Female, Weapons Drawn Says Foota Hype – Urban Islandz

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