Far From A Perfect Night For Jada Kingdom, She Cried After Houston Performance With Spice And Shaneil Muir

Spice, Jada Kingdom And Shaneil Muir Take Dancehall Unity Up A Notch At  Houston Show – DancehallMagJamaican artistes Spice, Jada Kingdom and Shaneil Muir took over the ‘Gal Farm’ stage show in Houston, Texas Saturday night.

The women have each shared Insta-snaps of the other performing, and other clips of the ladies vibing backstage are also maing the rounds online.

But it wasn’t the easy-going night that it appeared to be, at least not for Kingdom.

In an Instagram Live Sunday, the singer shared that she was actually upset as nothing seemed to be going her way.

Jada Kingdom Gives Spice Her Flowers: "Thanks My Mentor" - Urban IslandzFor starters, she had to do her own makeup as she couldn’t reach a suitable agreement with a particular makeup artist.

“Other artistes might nuh waan tell unno dis but performing comes with a lot.”– Jada Kingdom

“Mi vex man, mi did haffi do mi face last night and that’s why unno nuh see me snap or nothing cause mi face never did come out how mi want it come out,” she said. “Mi like dah clean, polished, pretty look seh. Mi a perform mi waan feel like a bad f**king b*tch. Mi do mi makeup everyday. When a showtime mi don’t waan do mi makeup. Mi waan feel like a star, mi waan feel rich.”

Jada Kingdom Flaunts Curves In Sexy PrettyLittleThing Bodysuit –  DancehallMagShe also had to wear press-on nails as she said they are more reliable than the nail technicians in her area.

To top it off, she revealed she was in pain during her performance because of a recent cyst-removal surgery.

“Mi bawl last night cause true mi just do surgery mi couldn’t perform how mi really waan perform and ting. Mi never go the extent and also mi rush mi set as well cause mi tell Spice round a di back a the stage seh me did a feel like pain and she give mi advice and everything and mi really respect and love her for that.”

She praised Spice for being a master of the stage despite all the behind-the-scenes issues that come with performing.

“Other artistes might nuh waan tell unno dis but performing comes with a lot. Spice great bredda, she inna di business fi years and she master it… She mek dis sh*t look easy.”

Spice also had some kind words for Kingdom. In a video post of the two hugging before she went on stage, Spice wrote, “Jada Kingdom backstage antics, di gal mek mi laugh so till. Shaneil Muir big up, we did it Joe.”

Source: Jada Kingdom says she cried after Houston performance with Spice and Shaneil Muir | Buzz

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