Dancehall Artist Love The Bleaching, Blak Ryno Now White Ryno

They say the chip does not fall far from the block, and that is exactly the situation with Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno, who is following in the footsteps or better yet the skin colour of his musical father Vybz Kartel.

The entertainer was originally spotted in a recent video he posted on his Instagram, promoting a new track, however, it was observed that the “Stinga’s” skin colour was very much paler than fans were used to.

Blak Ryno Now In Serious But Stable Condition Following Crash - Urban  IslandzAfterwards, the entertainer posted a photo confirming his new look while stating in the caption that he is living his life for him and not for the crowd, and he does not want anyone feeling as if they have the right to tell him what to do with himself.

This is the first time in the “Thug anthem” deejay’s career he is known to bleach his skin, even though his earliest mentor was adept at changing the colour of his appearance.

Some fans are very shocked about Blak Ryno’s move telling him in the comments that a bleached skin is not going to get him a hit song however, the entertainer answered one fan comment and told them that he is not willing to live in dancehall shadows anymore.

Source: Blak Ryno Now White Ryno After Bleaching His Skin

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