Ce’Cile Calls Out DJs Playing Songs Promoting What She Refers To “Rape Culture”

Ce'Cile | ReverbNationDancehall Deejay Ce’Cile is lashing out at what she calls hypocritical Disc Jocks who have now taken a stance that is against rapists who might have made dubs that promoted rape culture and the abuse of women.

In an Instagram post on her official account, she said, “Im [sic] looking in disbelief at some DJocks and selectors saying rapist fi dead and me kaa believe dis. Check u dub box mi G. Mi bbc oonu a hypocrite,” she said in a graphic she posted.

The caption for the graphic said, “Dutty hypocrite. Watch all oonu too now.me soon delete this but im showing u why this is just running off mouths. We not serious in taking a stance.”

In her stories on Instagram, she went on to say, “it’s all good and well to say “stop something,” but if u par with, eat with, drink with, party with, promote with,, the very thing u saying needs to stopped, u think u helping to stop anything?”

This Is Why Jamaican Singer Cecile Is Blocking Kenyans On FacebookCe’Cile also called out those who pay homage to the cause with words but refuse to hold their male counterparts accountable, especially those who they profit off and make business moves with. “this includes ur bredren weh no stop beat him woman, ur bredren a no stop bax dung him daughter,,ur bredren weh no stop hold dung woman, and laugh say she a play hard fi get.”

She added that even though men are allowed to change their perspectives and be better persons, some who are guilty of the very thing they now condemn ought to make amends, but they should still remember that they have contributed to the very rape culture they now condone.

Bad Gyal CeCile Getting her Sexy Back After giving Birth!“Its never too late tho…since we serious… let’s talk..caz I know some of you been a force oonu self pon people pickney. Some a oonu been a sleep with the schoolers dem..we hear bout oonu.”

Source: Dancehall Diva Ce’Cile Calls Out DJs Playing Songs Promoting Rape Culture – Urban Islandz

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