Stonebwoy Doesn’t Believe Industry Beefs With Other Artist Can Advance Careers Anymore 

Image result for reggae stonebwoyGhanaian Afro-dancehall star Stonebwoy became captivated by Jamaica’s musical genres and in his research, found a collection of artistes from whose music he could take inspiration.

However, in doing so, he was exposed to the aggressive lyrical expressions which he said “has made persons believe in the dancehall scheme of things, violence and warring is a necessity.”

He continued: “I know there are feuds in every area we explore as human beings and persons have followed, but I do not believe it is bringing more or less to the music. Initially, feuds used to enhance its popularity but after my trips, I do not see them helping dancehall anymore … I just left too and I cannot remember seeing any two persons at each other.”

Are beefs still A necessity?

Stonebwoy recently wrapped up a short trip to Jamaica, covering his bases as he pilots several recording projects with Jahmiel and Buju Banton to completion. He expressed a desire to ask elders the question, ‘Are beefs between artistes still a necessity?’ In the same breath, he credited the success of veterans like Shaggy, Sean Paul and Agent Sasco on the international stages to their evasion of any type of animosity.

“In the long run, beefs do not help and it doesn’t end well for either artiste involved if we do not focus on the mission together. I do not see it helping the younger artistes we see coming up in the place but the artistes I mentioned have made moves and continue to,” he said.

He agrees that he had his fair share of tough beefs that have yet to be tenderised when placed under the microscope of media, namely with Shatta Wale, who also enjoys a barrier-breaking career. The two acts are said to have known each other through the dancehall competition circuit in Ghana, leading to a complex relationship or lack thereof.

Image result for reggae stonebwoy“By virtue of my hard work and by the heights it has reached, I too have gained for myself, a few haters,” Stonebwoy said without pointing any fingers directly at Shatta Wale. “First and foremost, there is no animosity in my heart to no human. How can I encourage unity and show animosity towards anyone? Is there anything to be sorted out? That’s what I am asking. I deal with issues when they arise or when the time is right.”

He said that the fan bases contribute to the very way recording artistes relate because they are not always entirely comprised of different audiences.

“Given we’re in prime time adds to it and we find that there are diehard fans who will relate to you more than other artistes, and some believe where it concerns dancehall culture, you have to find somewhere to war. What it really takes is hard work, humility and determination to achieve goals. I continue to put my creative guns out in order to achieve mine,” he said.

Source: Feuds not helping dancehall anymore, says Stonebwoy | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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