Skillibeng Drops “Coke” Video, He Even Used The Now Famous Rocky Point Plane In The Video & The Fans React

Skillibeng ceased on the opportunity to shoot a music video at the crash plane site in Rocky Point, Jamaica.

Just a day short of a week ago, local residents of the Rocky Point village of Clarendon noticed the dimming lights of a small aircraft touching down in the sea meters off the coast. If that was not mysterious enough, neither the pilot nor any other occupants of the craft have been located. The plane has since been made into something of a local attraction, pulling boatloads from all over Jamaica, even from The Eastsyde.

St. Thomas based deejay Skillibeng decided to make his trip to the newfound attraction a memorable one; using the opportunity to craft the music video for his new track “Coke.” As the saying goes, when in Rome, you do what the Romans do. Along with standing on the nose of the plane, Skilli also ventures into the cockpit, even though he doesn’t tinker with any of the controls.

Throughout the song, the “Mr. Universe” deejay gives his take on the mystery surrounding the careful emergency landing of the plane.

“The plane just crash wid the coke / Me no put it inna me nose / Sell me sell it like say me have a store / We a the plug not the one wa charge phone,” Skillibeng deejays over the horror-themed trap-dancehall beat.

To some, the lyrics feel very much like others they have heard on other tracks from the entertainer. On the other hand, others have commended the deejay for taking the initiative to craft a track based on a trending event, which is something another gifted entertainer has perfected.

“I don’t know who realize say skilli follow word boss and attack anything that trend and get a bit song from it but Kartel would of sing about it like the next day this will connect all doe he not saying alot it’s just what trending,” wrote one fan.

Source: Skillibeng Drops “Coke” Video Shot At Crash Plane Site In Rocky Point, Fans React – Urban Islandz

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