Producer Notnice Says Juggling Rhythms Can Cross Over The Scene Into The International Market

What's Up with Notnice - YouTubePopular producer Notnice has echoed the sentiment made by his peers, including Jordan McClure, that rhythm juggling culture needs to return.

During a recent Onstage interview, Notnice said juggling projects have proven favourable in getting dancehall into mainstream markets.

“History shows seh most a di songs that crossover came from jugglings,” he said. “I’m So Special go Billboard, Serani No Games (Unfinished Business rhythm, TJ Records); Redbull and Guinness (Delly Ranks), Weh Dem A Do, Mavado; Everyone Falls in Love Sometimes (Up Close rhythm, Penthouse); Diwali (Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden), how much song from Diwali crossover? Kartel go gold with Fever, dat was a single so there are some exemptions. It show seh juggling more crossover but yuh nah see nuh juggling now.”

“Fi dah year here mi waan put out more dancehall sounding (rhythms)… We need fi do more juggling.”

Popcaan Blast NotNice, Explains What Caused Their Beef - Urban IslandzNotnice said the juggling culture has deteriorated because of beefs between artistes who want exclusive rights and preference on rhythms. The result, he said, has seen many producers staying away from juggling projects because of the headache, hence the rise in singles.

Another thing Notnice pointed to regarding the slowdown of rhythms is the conflict of satisfying trends versus being innovative.

“Mi put out one rhythm weh me think is one a di biggest project mi work pon. Mi voice Lady Saw, Beenie Man, Gentleman, Elephant Man, Sean Paul, and I doubt if nobody know dah rhythm deh… Mi put so much into the project and nobody pay it nuh mind…

Jordan McClure of Chimney Records recently challenged producers to make more juggling projects this year.

“Mi put out one next rhythm and put out the sound weh mi think unno want and everybody jump to it…so is like putting out weh yuh think is right versus survival. If the artiste dem now more willing fi accept seh we willing fi try wid di sound weh you a bring dem, mi will do dat more. Fi dah year here mi waan put out more dancehall sounding (rhythms)… We need fi do more juggling.”

McClure recently challenged 20 producers to make at least one juggling project this year in a bid to revitalise rhythm juggling culture. McClure’s Chimney Records label recently dropped the Style A Style rhythm. The project has been buzzing in the dancehall space with records like Aidonia’s Dat Easy, Moyann’s Backseat, Ding Dong’s Watch A Style Yah and Shenseea’s Upset.

Source: Producer Notnice says juggling projects stand better chance of crossing over | Buzz

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