Pretty Pretty Has A New Single Out Called ‘Social Media’, Inspired By Real Life Events 

It's buzzy': Dancer Pretty Pretty officially launches music career | BuzzDancehall dancer-cum-artiste Pretty Pretty has returned to Instagram to promote her newest single Social Media.

The track was inspired by the online frenzy which erupted when her longtime partner and deejay I Waata confirmed that he has an infant with another woman.

Like I Waata did in his song Vent, Pretty Pretty shifts the narrative from his infidelity to the cyber-harassing culture of social media.

The singjay recalls reading hateful comments during the fracas and having unfamiliar profiles offer unsolicited advice about her relationship.

She also addressed folks who deemed her a pushover because she didn’t “speak her truth” online. According to the entertainer, she was once quite confrontational and refuses to regress considering her growth.

“Being a person that was very aggressive and furious put mi parents dem in a heap a problem…” she says in a monologue towards the end of the track. “Fight-fight, cuss-cuss, til one day mi stab a youth wid one chair foot and mi use one flat iron and bun off di whole a him ears. Yuh know seh di school call mi madda and tell her seh, ‘Yuh have a pretty and helpful individual…but like something do her, she stubborn, she evil’. One a di time dem all church mi family bring mi, a talk bout all duppy deh pon mi…

ZIP103FM | Your High Energy Station | Page 7“Promise myself seh mi nah go mek actions determine who I’m not so mi start walk weh from things, stop go inna gang-gang and mi real personality start show. People weh know mi can tell yuh this, I’m a funny and drama free person, never inna mixup yet but mi hate people try tek step a mi. So yuh see me now, mi nah go ever mek social media bring back a monster. Mi start learn fi love and forgive.”

The accompanying music video shows screengrabs of belittling messages she received not only because of the I Waata saga, but the “ungrateful dancers” storyline that surfaced in the Spice and Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith drama.

I Waata has been endorsing the song by reposting it on his Instagram story. In a separate post, he added, “Unu fi memba seh a fimi Mimi (Pretty Pretty) ur suck unu muma a lowe r.”

In an Instagram Live this morning, Pretty Pretty told folks to never be afraid to take a hiatus from social media like she did.

“People if unno feel like unno waan leave the media and take a break, do it… Sometimes the media is very toxic and tek up whole heap a we life and we miss out whole heap a tings cause as we wake a di media… Nuh kill yuhself, nuh mek nobody mek yuh hang yourself. Mi tek a break cause mi did need it. If mi did stay and read every comment and listen everything, mi woulda go Live, mi woulda cuss, mi nuh know wah woulda happen so mi tek a break and just deh home a build…”

Source: Pretty Pretty Addresses ‘Social Media’ After I Waata Cheating Drama, Says She’s Learned To Forgive – DancehallMag

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