Markus’s Voicenote Dissing Popcaan, Right After His Video For ‘Relevant’ Was Released  

Buju Banton’s oldest son Markus Myrie is once again amongst the topics for discussion. A voice note appears days after Popcaan released his song titled “relevant” whereby he addresses his friends who became foes.

In particular, Popcaan said that sometimes when you help people it’s like a monster you create, he also outlined that a Mark X made a particular person start to move different but still using his strength in the streets.

In the leaked VN we hear Markus cussing “Fckry yuh a gwaan wid bredda… mi car need fi fix and yuh should a fix it”.

Popcaan 'Level Up' With Buju Banton's Son Markus Myrie - The TropixsBoth dancehallers have created mega-hit songs in the past however based on current affairs we will not see any more work between the two in the future.

Listen to the leaked voice note that has been circulating online via the video below.

Popcaan also recently fall out with former producer Notnice.

learn more from the review below.

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