Bounty Killer Cosigns On Reopening Events Industry In Jamaica

Video: Spice It Up with Bounty Killer 12/2/2020Dancehall heavyweight Bounty Killer has cosigned a message by Dream Entertainment Director, Scott Dunn, regarding the state of the Events Industry.

In a letter to the Jamaican Government, Dunn outlined that though he’s not going against health and safety protocols, the entertainment industry is at a standstill, and they too want to put food on the table like any other person in the labour force.

Bounty Killer has since given the Dream Entertainment Director a stamp of approval with a repost on his official Instagram page.

VIDEO: Bounty Killer, I-Octane And More Shelling illumina - Urban IslandzIn the caption, Bounty Killer wrote, “Entertainment is deemed as non-essential, so recreation isn’t essential to the human mind and body, our livelihood not essential to our lives.” The Poor People Governor ended the caption urging his followers to check out what Scott Dunn has to say.

While Scott Dunn is lamenting for the reopening of the entertainment sector with guidelines and protocols to follow, the Jamaican government is currently clamping down on illegal parties.

Over the weekend, six men were shot and injured at an illegal party in Denham Town.

Source: Bounty Killer supports reopening of the Events Industry – IrieFmIrieFm

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