Alaine’s Mom Hilariously Recreating Missy Elliot’s “Work It” Goes Viral

Reggae/dancehall singer Alaine recently teamed up with her mom to try their voices at Missy Elliott’s 2002 cult favorite “Work It,” and immediately went viral.

In the last couple of months, we have witnessed Alaine and her mom enjoying each other’s company on social media. The singer seems to be using the available downtime in the entertainment sector to get even closer to her ‘Mumma Lion,” which has resulted in quite a few funny moments being caught on camera.

Alaine And Willy Paul Blasted For New Publicity Stunt – Radio DubplateTheir hilarious attempt at “Work It” has now gone viral, after being reposted by both the ‘misdemeanor’ rapper and popular social media blog, The Shade Room. The hilarious video starts with the “No Ordinary Love” singer dropping the opening lines, “Is It Worth it, Let Me Work It,” before asking her mom to chime in over the Timbaland and Missy produced beat. What happened next can either be considered a comedic genius or just plain gibberish, you decide.

Missy Elliot, who is a massive fan of reggae and dancehall, could not contain her laughter in the comment section. She even took it a step further by reposting the video to her IG Stories.

“I’m sure this how it sounded to everyone when this song first came out!!” The legendary rapper shared.

The mom and daughter duo were ecstatic about the highlight from Missy but had no idea they would be blown away even further after their video was shared to TSR’s 21.9 Million followers.

Alaine and her mom have recently started a brand new Youtube channel title Mama & Me, where fans can keep up with their crazy shenanigans. The channel currently boasts a single Introduction video so fans can continue to check out the singer’s official Instagram page for their daily dose of laughter.

You can click the video below to view their recent attempt at Marcia Griffiths’ “Electric Boogie.”

Source: Alaine’s Mom Hilariously Recreating Missy Elliot’s “Work It” Goes Viral – Urban Islandz

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