The Story Behind Demarco’s Song ‘I Love My Life’, It Was Because Of His Ex-Wife And Her Mother

DEMARCO (<a href=@DemarcoDaDon) | Twitter" data-iml="2533" />Demarco’s most commercial record, I Love My Life, earned its timelessness because of its inspirational tone and celebration of life. But the deejay has revealed that the 2011 track was not intended to inspire, and instead take jabs at his ex-wife and her mother.

“A trace mi did a trace,” Demarco explained on the Wizology Show on Instagram last night.

“My ex-wife supposed to have baby pon my birthday, mi son weh name River, dem time deh mi live inna Atlanta, 2010. The day before my birthday mi and har kick off and she left the house, mi cya find har, she gone a har mada… Mi gone a har mada house, she a seh she don’t know where she is… Mi stress out, mi cya find har, mi a drive up and down everywhere, rain a fall, bag a tings.”

Emotionally drained, Demarco decided to book a plane ticket to Jamaica and left for his birthday. It was while staying at a townhouse on his special day that the lyrics came to him.

“If you listen to the verse, ‘make a change, don’t mek nobody stress you, don’t mek no blood pressure mek your life lef’ you. Never you hurt a soul unless you haffi defend yourself if dem try test you. Thank God fi mi life, yes. Me wake up this morning and alive, yes. Mek dem gwaan judge, nobody nuh perfect, and Father God alone bring brightness. If you nuh like wah mi say, go find the Lord. Me nuh have no time fi the war, cause times so hard.

Dancehall Artiste Demarco Gets Called Out Over This Gun Video - Urban  IslandzDem nah mad me, me nah go no psycho ward, or go join the morgue’…

“Mi siddung and create the rhythm pon mi birthday and mi a seh, ‘You know wah, mi stress out but a mi birthday, mi love my life’…and me sing out mi stress, a trace mi a trace. Mi see people a bawl when I Love My Life a play, and yuh know seh a cuss me a cuss out people? It’s like di woman (ex-wife) just hold out and seh, ‘Eee, him nah born today, tomorrow enuh’ and hold out and mi son born the next day, him nuh born pon my birthday… Mi a seh, ‘Yow unno wicked’.”

The artiste also dropped shockers about other songs in his catalogue, like the fact that Good Book was recorded while he was drunk (hence the spaces between bars).

He also revealed that he wanted Elephant Man on his 2007 breakout hit Fallen Soldiers, but producer Trevor ‘Baby G’ James disapproved.

“Mi nah tell nuh lie, Elephant a mi G but maybe if Elephant did deh pon the song it wouldn’t buss,” said Demarco.

Co-authored by Angel Doolas, the song blew up in a month and earned Demarco some serious cash.

“Di man dem start tek up di song and play it at every nine night til it start play inna di church, it start play inna di hearse dem. Mi never know seh mi coulda see so much money. When mi just buss mi a see a JMD$1,000,000 everyday offa dub enuh. Yuh know why me did have the advantage too? Because mi a record mi owna self.”

demarco - Dancehall UsaBut with the new lifestyle came poor financial choices.

“I wish mi did know weh mi did know now, then, mi woulda be the biggest artiste inna di world cause mi deh deh a spend mi money pon a bagga gyals and bare hennessy. Mii just get up one day and seh, ‘Mi want a RR bike’, mi nuh know nutten bout riding bike…nuh know nutten bout bank either, everything deh under my mattress.. Mi just deh inna one apartment wid millions inna it at.”

Dj Wiz Top 30 2017 Reggae Dancehall Countdown On The Wizology Show On Vibe  105 FM In Toronto by Dj_Bubbles | MixcloudHe said he has since learned more about the music business, like royalties, publishing, and investments, and is now in a better place financially.

Demarco is also a producer and instrumentalist, and has created rhythms including The Mission, Warning, Shoot Out, Jambe-An, and Bottle Party.

Source: Demarco Says ‘I Love My Life’ Was A Diss Song To His Ex-Wife And Her Mother – DancehallMag

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