Nicholas Lall Shares A Cham Story And How It Relates To Spice

In a lengthy interview, Nicholas Lall did on social media, the father of Spice’s two children has not taken a DNA test yet, but he claims that he has doubts about the paternity of the children, who he says Spice wanted to abort when she got pregnant both times.

In the interview, Nicholas Lall said Spice wanted to have abortions when she was pregnant, but he begged her not to. He also seems to suspect that his son might be fathered by Baby Cham as he claims Spice had a photo of Cham’s son when her own son was yet a baby, and both children have a stark resemblance.

“Now allegations are out there now that my son is not mine. Yeah, yeah, I’ve never shared this with nobody else. When my son was four months in the house, a likkle baby, newborn baby too, it was Cham, baby Cham son and I was going through the draw and see the baby. She told me is her bredda, her musical bredda…”

He continued, “anyways, when I found the pic and I called her and I looked at my son and I was like damn, they look alike. Mi call her and say Cham a di father and yow, that woman she cried ‘am evil, wicked, how could you even say that’ till mi even start feel bad.”

Lall says he has compared recent images of Cham’s son to his son, and it is like he was looking at his own son. “When all of these allegations come out…a video of that kid and it was like I was looking at my own son and I was like damn, that shit hurt me yow. Mi cry till me all fricken vomit. The worse part of it is I love this kid so much, I would die for this kid, that’s how much I love him.”

Nicholas Lall says his family has confirmed to him their suspicions that the child is not his, but they were afraid to hurt him due to the bond he shared with Spice’s son. He says even if a DNA precludes him from being the father, he will still play the role in the child’s life.

Spice Goes In On Ex-Fiance And Baby Daddy Nicholas Lall For Instagram Post  – DancehallMag“Even if I do DNA and it comes back he is not my son, he is my son. I cya stop loving him. Unconditional love is not something you can turn off. The most hurtful thing when him call me and say ‘daddy I see everything that’s going on on the internet and this guy talking things on the internet about my mom, can you stop it?’ I said I tried to stop it but Nicholas this is your mom, cousin or friend or whoever she tell me he was. She make him see everything.”

Lall also says the rumors of his son being fathered by another man has hurt his son, who brought it to his attention.

“‘Daddy they say im a jacket,’ when he said that to me mi start cry. So I said to him – I call him Papi- Papi if you are a jacket, then you are a jacket I’m gonna wear. I’m gonna wear this jacket till it torn up, till it can’t wear no more…whether or not I am your biological father I am still your dad and nothing in the world will ever change that.”

Lall says he plans to do DNA on both children because Spice was not faithful during the relationship. “She wasn’t faithful at no point during the relationship.”

Lall also says he believes Spice acted Shady by not giving his son his last name when they moved to Atlanta. Usually, children will need both parents to sign, and even children are migrating, the U.S embassy can require DNA tests to prove paternity. However, he also said he did not sign the son’s birth certificate at birth, so the child goes by Spice’s maiden name Hamilton.

“Next thing that draw my accusation- she lied to me about my son, she lied to me and said she can’t gi him my last name because I wasn’t there to sign his birth certificate. No, she could have given him my name ‘Lall’ my name wouldn’t be on the birth certificate. She give him the name Hamilton. Lall is his middle name.”

Meanwhile, it seems that Spice and Baby Cham are closer than both let on as Baby Cham is the alleged God Father of Spice’s son. “Cham is my son’s God father. “When she was pregnant she and Cham have a big falling out and them never talk for years, they never talk for a year.”

Lall also claims that Spice did not want to be a mother as she was more focused on her career. “I had to beg her not to abort that kid. Both kids I had to beg her not to abort. My mother that is dead and gone had to beg her not to abort and told her ‘have the baby and bring them mi wi tek care a dem’….She never want no pickney, she was thinking about career…I had to take her breast out to give the baby to suck- she not even want to do that.”

Source: Nicholas Lall Claims Spice Wanted To Abort Son, Shares Baby Cham Story – Urban Islandz

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