Jahmiel Sheds Light On Prophecy That Saved His Life

Biography: JahmielJahmiel shed some light on a life changing moment earlier this year, plus why he dissed Vybz Kartel in a song.

Jamaica’s conscious singjay Jahmiel has been touring the world extensively since finding his major-breakout hit “Gain The World” five years ago. The shackles placed on the planet by COVID-19 have grounded numerous artistes, Jahmiel included. Jahmiel has taken the time to reassess not only his career but also his place in the world. The Patriotz leader is currently back in Jamaica after spending time in the states amongst Mavado and Alkaline, who are the other members of the MVP trio of which he is a part.

Jahmiel recently sat down for a tell-all interview with Teach from the Teach Dem Youtube Channel. During the 1 hour and 44 minutes interview, Jahmiel spoke of the support he got from his two parents in his pursuit of honing his talent. This was materialized from the age of 7 when he did his first stage show. With the help of his dad, the “Real Father” singer would go on to secure a song and video at the age of 12, going on to 13. He detailed his journey after high school, as he searched for that one hit record to help lift his family out of poverty.

Jahmiel Gives Back To His Community Amid Coronavirus - The TropixsAfter linking with numerous high profile producers, it proved ironic that the big break would come from 3 house down from his, via Quantanium Records. The interview proceeded with Jahmiel speaking on the hights of his success during which he has toured Africa, Europe, America, Canada, and numerous Caribbean territories. He also touched on the lows of his career, such as the high profile disputes with Tommy Lee, Vershon, and Chronic Law, that somewhat tainted his conscious image. Jahmiel is now under new management from Sweet Music, yet that move is dwarfed by the shifting in thinking he had to perform after receiving a stern warning from a practical stranger.

During a recent Entertainment Report interview, Jahmiel had made mention of the incident but refused to go into details. While chatting with Teach, he revealed that dark unseen energies were sent his way and initiated a deterioration of his health. He explains that visits to a medical doctor proved futile in figuring out what was happening. His cure came through a restrengthened faith in God which was applied through numerous prayers from family members.

“All me can say God real breda,” preached Jahmiel as he recounted the supposed incident of witchcraft that he was trapped in earlier this year. “Me go through a spiritual warfare, believe it or not. No physical weapon couldn’t help me a the faith inna the Almighty take me through.”

“Wa so scary bout it is that a elder lady see me car park up outside and a say ‘who drive tha car ya?’” The “True Colours” singer explained. The elder then requested the presence of the car’s owner after explaining to his mom that she had a prophetic dream which saw major destruction in his near future. He was urged by the unknown female to change his way of living before it was too late. Ironically, 2 weeks following that incident the singer would be hit with the unknown illness resulting in massive hair loss among other symptoms.

Jahmiel yardhype.comWhen asked if he knew who had it out for him he said, “Me no know who try offa me eno but it make me stronger.”

He continued, “Like me always a ask God fi show me the way cause sometimes me get confused. Inna this world weh we live, sometimes me get confused and no know wa fi believe breda. It so happen that him send somebody right at my doorstep who me not even know and it just change me life. Me did always know the path me de pon but me did get distracted.”

The singer’s change is already being reflected on recent releases such as “Guide My Steps” and “Love Lost.”

You can check out the complete interview below.

Source: Jahmiel Sheds Light On Prophecy That Saved His Life & Why He Diss Vybz Kartel – Urban Islandz

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