During His Interview Bounty Killer Said ‘Mi Did Hurt, Mi Did Vex’, Marriage Between D’Angel And Beenie Man

Spice thanks Bounty Killer for launching her career | BuzzBounty Killer can sometimes be a hard nut to crack, but he said that he was upset when his ex-girlfriend, D’Angel, got in a relationship with then nemesis Beenie Man.

The topic came up during ‘Spice It Up’ episode three that premiered on Magnum Hub TV on Wednesday. During the show, host Spice asked the ‘Warlord’ if his heart had ever been broken.

He explained that he is human, so he is not immune to heartbreak and pain.

“My heart has been broken, but I never cry tears. I cry pain in my heart,” he said. “You know when yuh heart paining, it woulda be much easier if you could get some tears out to let out some of the passion or the emotion.”

It was at that point that he mentioned the relationship between Beenie Man and D’Angel, who got married in August 2006 before separating a few years later.

“I have been in pain. Years of pain,’ he said. “People know that too. Even wid whatever relationship with Angel and Beenie. Then people never know dat did hurt mi?”

Only human

Spice chimed in: “Me neva know.”

Bounty continued: “But come on. I’m a man. Mi did deh wid a woman fi seven years and she get up and go deh wid yuh archrival. It must hurt yuh. It did hurt Bounty, but Bounty never cry tears.”

Stressing that he is only human, the entertainer said: “Bounty did hurt cause mi a nuh robot. Mi a human being. Mi a Miss Ivy son. But it neva conquer mi. It neva mek mi break down. It neva do nutten extraordinary to me, but mi did hurt, mi did vex.”

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer are now friends.

We’re sure that hurt is way in the past, as he and Beenie Man are now friends, and they often perform together. Recently, they entertained the world during the Verzuz clash when they put the spotlight on Jamaica’s music industry.

Source: ‘Mi did hurt, mi did vex’: Bounty Killer was upset about relationship between D’Angel and Beenie Man | Buzz

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