Dancehall Queen Spice Is Not Expected To Join The Onlyfans Platform

Watch Spice & D'Angel New Video "No Worries" - Urban IslandzSpice appears to shade D’Angel for joining OnlyFans.

In 2019, Queen of the Dancehall, Spice, and the Lady of the Dancehall, D’Angel, left each other socially wounded after they engaged in a ferocious social media blowout. It’s now almost two years since things turned sour between the one-time collaborators. Still, Spice could not miss out on an opportunity to shade her rival while chatting with her guests on Magnum Tonic Wine’s Spice It Up tv-show, which she hosts.

Her guests, Elephant Man, Ce’Cile, and Foota Hype, all gave their takes on a couple of interesting topics. The discussion got pretty intense when the panel began fleshing out if it’s still considered taboo for artistes to sing about fellatio or cunnilingus, along with those who make money from OnlyFans by showing off their bodies.

Veteran selector Foota Hype expressed just why he has no love for artistes who endorse the specific sexual acts through their lyrics, nor those who create OnlyFans accounts. As for Ce’Cile, she sees it as another means to an end, especially during a time when entertainers are unable to make money on the road. While she does understand the need for some artistes to go that route, she mentioned that would never be her choice, especially since she has a daughter.

“Even if somebody does certain things with kids that’s up to them, everybody has to live their own way,” she said. Spice agreed with Ce’Cile’s line of argument. “I personally don’t have a problem with OnlyFans,” she stated, “But what I want women in dancehall to do is not to water down the fraternity.” Ce’Cile pointed out that not everyone is at the same level, and therefore OnlyFans comes through as a viable option to ensure they are still earning.

“You mean like if them nah no talent, them can go the extreme,” Spice confirmed. The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star then used the brief moment to take a shot at D’Angel, who used her experience of being a model to justify her OnlyFans account. “You a no artiste, if you wa go model, go model, stop say you a female artiste,” Spice instructed before erupting in laughter at the shade she just threw.

Queen Of Dancehall Spice Celebrates Her Melanin Magic 2 Years After "Black  Hypocrisy" - Urban IslandzCe’Cile pointed out that neither her nor Spice would be expected to join the platform since music is already proving to be a major moneymaker for them. “A dem only means of income cause some artiste nah get no show, nah get no bookings,” Spice said about the local artistes who have joined the platform, before cracking another laugh.

Spice called the curtains on episode 2 of the show’s second season shortly after throwing shade at D’Angel.

The two women collaborated on “No Worries” in 2017 but fell out of favor sometime after. “D’Angel called down me phone, she wan do collaboration and thing, remember unu know say nothing never did a gwan for Angel,” Spice said during an IG Live session in 2019. “A no lie me a tell, nothing never did a gwan for Angel until me give her the song No Worries.” The “Sheet” singer also said that she financed the music for “No Worries.”

Source: Queen Of Dancehall Spice Shades D’Angel For Joining OnlyFans – Urban Islandz

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