Canada’s Reggae Music Promoter Denise Jones Has Passed, Leaving A Strong Legacy 

Denise Jones, 64: A role model and mentor who championed Black lives her  entire life | The StarExecutive producer of Toronto’s JAMBANA One World Festival and a well-known figure in the music industry both in North America and Jamaica, Denise Jones, died Thursday night, Frankie Campbell, front man for the Fab 5 Band told The Gleaner.

The president of Jones & Jones Productions, she co-founded the Canada-based company in 1987, with her husband, Allan. Jones & Jones made its name as one of Canada’s leading music promotions, management and marketing companies, producing numerous concerts, booking more than 150 performing artistes annually and offering an array of services to entertainers.

“Last year August, we should have performed at the show [JAMBANA], but in late June Denise fell ill, so her sons took over. Jones & Jones Productions started way back in the late 1980s after Denise and husband Allan migrated to Canada. Denise and Allan met while working with Fab 5 during Louis Marriott’s productions, starting with A Pack of Jokers in 1978,” Campbell shared.

Denise Jones, 64: A role model and mentor who championed Black lives her  entire life | The StarHe added, “Over the last three decades, Fab 5 did many shows with Jones & Jones, the last one being in 2016. Rest in peace Denise, walk good with your entertainment brothers and sisters who are there to greet you.”

The JAMBANA One World Festival represents Canada’s growing cultural diversity in its finest form, through performances by internationally acclaimed bands, artistes and JUNO Award winners, the company’s website stated. One such winner is Exco Levi, who posted a heartfelt tribute to Jones on social media Friday.

He stated, “I am sad to announce the passing of Denise Jones, my brilliant manager, friend, mother and teacher for almost 10 years. I started performing for her shows in 2007, just after migrating to Canada, and five years later, I was honoured to call her my manager, until her recent passing. Under the skilful guidance of Denise, I’ve achieved five Juno Awards – and was nominated seven times – the Harry Jerome Trail Blazer Award and [I] am a Brampton Walk of Fame Inductee.”

JAMBANA producer Denise Jones has died | Entertainment | Jamaica GleanerHe hailed Jones as a “warrior”, noting that in 2018 he and the High Priest Band completed 30 shows across Canada, USA, and Europe. “Denise travelled with myself and the band from Toronto to New Brunswick to the USA by bus … no complaints.”

Exco Levi pointed out that Jones set the example by leading in the black community, and encouraged him to do the same. He lauded her for the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Urban Music Association, and the Juno Award for her contribution to the Canadian music and entertainment industries.

“She built schools in Jamaica, created events for the community, and taught me to always employ my own people. The last time we went on the road was last February, as we headed to Denmark. I can still remember Mrs Jones dancing after the show and calling me a party pooper. In closing, Denise Jones will genuinely be missed,” Exco Levi said in the tribute.

Source: JAMBANA producer Denise Jones has died | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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