Spice Has Conversation With Lisa Hyper In 1st Episode Of “Spice It Up!”

Spice & Lisa Hyper - 12 Year Beef Now Squashed!Spice It Up! is back for another season and promises to be bigger and better. That’s according to the Queen of Dancehall, Spice, who made the disclosure on her YouTube channel. By the looks of it, she intends to cover some raunchy topics.

What’s interesting, though, is that it seems that Lisa Hyper will make an appearance in this season. This suggests that the two have really mended their bitter past. In July, Spice accepted Lisa Hyper’s apology, which was posted on Instagram, which effectively ended their 12-year feud.

Things were pretty heated between the two deejays, and in 2009, Hyper put out a diss track called “The Truth and Draw Me Out.” Following the apology, Spice also unblocked Hyper from her Instagram account. At that time, Spice said, “Apology accepted. And I’d like to apologize to you too because, at the end of the day, the disrespect wasn’t one-sided.”

“I too retaliated towards you in my diss song in a very derogatory manner. I can tag you now because I just unblocked you after 10 years. Wow, den a so mi keep malice long.” Now it seems it’s all water under the bridge. In another part of that post Spice also said she held no malice towards Hyper.

Hyper’s heartfelt apology read, “Spice I’m sorry for the way I allowed the traditions of war in our music made me feel and treated you. You have done wonderful things for this business, females in the business and Jamaica. I want to let you know Im humbled and I appreciate you. I’m not sure how this will play out but from my heart I am sorry and I pray God intervenes where ever evil doers try to create anymore animosity.”

With regards to this season, Spice promised that: “This season is even hotter, popular guests, better discussions and a few surprises…it’s epic to say the least.” On her Youtube page, she added: “The wait is over! ??? Season 2 of #SpiceItUp is finally here ? Get ready fi some spicy convos between Spice and the guests you asked to see!” while making sure to tag her sponsors Magnum.

Lisa Hyper apologises to Spice for "past disrespect" | BuzzThe new season will kick off today, November 18, and features an interview with one of Jamaica’s most loved couples these days, The Mitchells. Dancehall star Konshens is also expected to make an appearance. The prolific Bounty Killer and Elephant Man are also carded to make an appearance at some time over the season.

Kamal Powell, Magnum’s regional brand marketing manager, also shared about Magnum’s excitement that the show had returned.

“Season 2 has been a long time in the making but definitely worth the wait. Exciting guests, scintillating topics, and Spice’s personal touch make season 2 the best yet viewers are certainly in for a treat,” he said, adding that, “we are proud to partner with our ambassador in this way and elated to have this very influential show on Magnum Hub.tv.”

Source: Spice To Sit Down With Former Foe Lisa Hyper In New Season Of “Spice It Up!” – Urban Islandz

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