Shenseea Still Grieving The Lost Of Her Mother, Wished She Was Able To Do More For Her

Shenseea Shook Dancehall Fans By Revealing Her Sexuality - Urban IslandzWe’ve all heard the saying that money doesn’t bring happiness.

And it’s a statement that dancehall artiste Shenseea has come to be able to relate to.

In a series of emotional posts on her Instagram, Shenseea expressed just how much she is missing her mom, and how much she wished she was able to do more for her.

“Mommy, some days are really just harder than some 😭😭 I’ve never met my father but oh how you used to boast about him spoiling you and just when I got the chance to do so.. you’re now gone! Swear I feel lost sometimes.. smh 💔,” she captioned a video of her gifting her mom with roses.

In Jamaica with Shenseea | The FADERPreferring to grieve alone, Shenseea didn’t allow comments on the post.

But she followed the post with an even more heart-wrenching one in her Instagram story.

“What good is money when you can’t even get to enjoy it with the ones you really love?

Source: Shenseea hurting because mom isn’t around to enjoy her success | Buzz

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