Music Producer Dalton Browne Dies After Major Surgery

Dalton Browne is deadMusic producer Dalton Browne has died just four days after he underwent a quadruple bypass surgery.

Browne died in the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) in St Andrew On Sunday (October 1). The 64-year-old had been recovering from quadruple bypass surgery which he underwent last Thursday.

His brother, who is also a music producer Cleveland “Clevie” Browne, confirmed the news to the Jamaica Observer. He said: “I got the call after three this evening. It rough. It rough.” He expressed a bit of shock at the news as he said he believes his brother was on the path to recovery. He added that the guitarist was seemingly doing well after reconnecting with his three children from New York.

Home - JamMediaOneDalton Browne suffered a massive heart attack on October 25 and was rushed to Andrews Memorial Hospital in St Andrew. He was later transferred to the UHWI for surgery.

Dalton Browne is the second of five Browne brothers, all of whom are musicians. Glen (bass), Noel (keyboards), Cleveland (keyboards) and guitarist Danny are his siblings.

They were once known as The Browne Bunch which formed in the early 1970’s.

Source: Music Producer Dalton Browne Dies After Major Surgery – The Tropixs

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